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Scotch-Brite 220 Rectangular? Scouring Pad Scotch-Brite 220 Heavy Duty Rectangular? Scouring Pad, 6 in L x 3.85 in W, Synthetic Fiber

For tough-to-clean jobs and stubborn messes. Ideal for cast-iron pots, stove burners, broilers, garden tools and grills. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Clorox 91016 S.O.S Scrubbing Sponges SOS 91016 Heavy Duty Scrubber Sponge, Scrim Sponge, Blue

Cuts through tough messes. Angled shape gets into hard-to-reach places.

Your Price: $1.40
SCOURING SCREEN               Flexi-Scour FLEX-24C Flexible Heavy Duty Scouring Screen

Heavy duty abrasive scrubbing screen will not clog while cleaning. Can be used for paint preparation, grill cleaning, rust removal, clean grease and grime from mechanical parts. Wet or dry cleaning. 24 piece clip strip hanging display. Screen Size: 5.5? x 4?.

Your Price: $1.73
3M 520 Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges Scotch-Brite 520 Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge, 4 in L x 2.6 in W, 0.9 in T, Cellulose, Blue

Provides effective cleaning without scratching. Great for multi-purpose cleaning around the house and in the bathroom. Ideal for cleaning non-stick cookware. Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse.

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Scotch-Brite 425 Scrub Sponge Scotch-Brite 425 Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge, 6.1 in L x 3-1/2 in W, 0.6 in T, Yellow/Green

Use to remove tough, baked-on messes from dishes, pots and pans. Great for the kitchen, garage and outdoors. Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse.

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3M 435 Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges Scotch-Brite 435 Delicate Duty Scrub Sponge, 4.4 in L x 2.6 in W, 0.8 in T, Synthetic Fiber, Pink/White

Gently cleans without scratching. Gentle on glass & crystal, but tough on grime. Ideal for surfaces in your kitchen and around the home. Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse.

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SuperTuff 10801 Colored Knit Rag SuperTuff 10801 Multi-Purpose Colored Knit Rag, Poly/Cotton Blend

Pre-cut rags. Absorbent. Use throughout the home, office, marine and industry. Reusable and machine washable. Use for staining, polishing, cleaning and faux finishing.

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Homebasix 2009T Dustpans Homebasix 2009T Light Duty Snap-On Dustpan, Rubber Lip, For Use With Broom

Ridges on the sides of dustpan for cleaning broom or duster. Rubber lip catches dirt and dust the first time in one sweep. Conveniently snaps onto broom handle for storage. Made of recycled plastic construction with 9-1/2" mouth.

Your Price: $2.22
3M 213C Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads Scotch-Brite 213C Heavy Duty Scouring Pad, Copper

Specially designed with long lasting copper edges that cut through tough soil and burnt-on food. Hang Tag.

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3M 214C Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads Scotch-Brite 214C Heavy Duty Scouring Pad, Stainless Steel

Use to clean pots, pans and broiler pans. Cleans large surface area which cuts through burnt-on food. Easy to hold will not rust. Durable. 3 pack.

Your Price: $2.35
3M 9055 Scotch Brite Scrubbing Sponges Scotch-Brite 9055 Sponge Cloth, 7.8 in L x 6.8 in W, Cellulose, Blue

Sponge cloth is great for kitchen, bath, around the house and outdoors. Hang Tag.

Your Price: $2.40
Quickie 114RMCAN-40 Scrub Brushes Quickie 114 Tile/Grout Brush, Poly Fiber Trim

Poly fiber. Will not scratch. Cleans tile and grout. Curved tip works into crevices and corners. For tile floors, baths, countertops, and backsplashes. Convenient hang hole.

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Acme PS712 Absorbent Flexible Block Sponge Acme PS712 Absorbent Flexible Block Sponge, Extra Large, 7-1/2 in L x 6 in W, 2-1/2 in T, Yellow

For home, auto, marine, paint and wallpaper. Rinses clean. Flexible. Absorbent.

Your Price: $2.42
Scotch-Brite 560 Non-Scratch Scrubber Refill Scotch-Brite 560 Non-Scratch Scrubber Refill

No-scratch scrubber refill. Switchable cleaning head. Fits Nos. 549, 553 and 554 handles. Hang Tag.

Your Price: $2.50
SCOTCH MINI LINT ROLLER       Scotch 836MRC-30 Mini Lint Roller, Adhesive

Made with Scotch Brand adhesive. Grabs tough to remove pet hair. Effectively picks up lint and pet hair from clothing, furniture, auto interiors and more. Mini-size is great for travel and convenience.

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3M 7449-T Commercial Sponges 3M 7449-T Heavy Duty Sponge, Large, 6 in L x 4-1/4 in W, 1.6 in T, Cellulose, Yellow

3M Heavy Duty Sponge, Large, 6 in Length, 4-1/4 in Width, 1.6 in Thickness, Cellulose, Yellow, For Kitchen, Garage and Outdoors

Your Price: $2.58
CLOTH LENS CLEAN GRAY 7 X 6   Scotch-Brite 9021 Reusable Cleaning Cloth, 7.1 x 6.3 in, Assorted, Polyester/Nylon

Reusable lens cleaning cloth is ideal for cleaning all types of lenses - eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, cameras, binoculars, and more. 3M's unique super-soft micro-texture effectively cleans without scratching delicate lenses. The cloth is machine washable and safe on virtually any surface in the home - wood, glass, chrome, and collectibles - without any need for chemical sprays or polishes. 6.3" L x 7.1" W. Color: Gray.

Your Price: $2.60
Quickie 409 Dust Pan Quickie 409 Dust Pan, 9-1/4 in W x 12.81 in H, Plastic

Snap on dust pan, holds large debris. All plastic construction won't rust or crack, convenient hang up feature for easy storage.

Your Price: $2.62
3M 223-7 Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads Scotch-Brite 223-7 Heavy Duty Rectangle Scouring Pad, 6 in L x 3.8 in W, Synthetic Fiber, Green

For tough-to-clean jobs and stubborn messes. Ideal for cast-iron pots, stove burners, broilers, garden tools and grills. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Your Price: $2.64
PUMICE SCOURING STICK         Pumie HDW-12 Heavy Duty Scouring Stick, 5-3/4 in L x 3/4 in W, 1-1/4 in T

Tackles hard to clean stains in the bath, kitchen, garage, and outdoors. Cleans ceramic tile, porcelain, masonry, concrete, and other hard surfaces removing deep stains caused by hard water lime scale, rust, and burnt foods. Use on porcelain sinks, tubs, and shower tile. Clean outdoor water features, pool, and spa. Great for cleaning grills, grates and porcelain barbecues. Stone size: 5.25? x 1.25? x .75?.

Your Price: $2.74
Clorox 12587 Handi Wipes Wiping Cloths Handi Wipes 78436 Multi-Purpose Reusable Wipe, 11 x 21 in

Reusable, multipurpose absorbent cloths are for wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing kitchens, countertops and bathrooms.

Your Price: $2.75
Acme BS915 Cleaning Sponge Acme BS915 Cleaning Sponge, 8-3/4 in L x 5 in W, 3-1/8 in T, Polyurethane Foam, Bone

For home, auto and marine washing/cleaning.

Your Price: $2.76
2CT MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER     Mr Clean 43515 Multi-Purpose Magic Eraser 4.6 in L x 2.6 in W x 1 in T

Acts like an eraser, penetrates surface grooves to clean ground-in dirt, grime, soap scum, tough scuffmarks and crayon marks. Use for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, floors, walls, appliances, sinks, car wheels, car interior, furniture and more. No gloves, buckets or chemicals required, only water. Sponge dissolves a little with each use.

Your Price: $2.78
Quickie 303 Toilet Bowl Brushes Quickie 303 Toilet Bowl Brushes, Plastic Fiber

Long-lasting, rinses clean. Convenient hang hole.

Your Price: $2.82
Quickie HomePro Professional Stovetop Brush Quickie HomePro Professional Stovetop Brush, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle Trim

Quality polypropylene fiber for caked-on burner bibs. Comfort grip handle with hang-up feature.

Your Price: $2.84
SPONGE/SCRUB MULTI-PRPS HD 2PK Quickie 57506-2CAN Scrubbing Sponges

Multi purpose scrubber sponge. Super absorbent sponge prohibits the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold. Durable and long lasting, and will remain odor free for the life of the sponge. Designed to be safe on most household surfaces. 2 pk.

Your Price: $2.86
SPONGE/SCRUBB HD 2PK          Quickie 57507-2CAN Scrubbing Sponges

Heavy duty scrubber sponge. Super absorbent sponge prohibits the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold. Durable and long lasting, and will remain odor free for the life of the sponge. Designed to tackle the toughest messes. 2 pk.

Your Price: $2.86
Quickie 112 Professional Spout Brush Quickie 112 Professional Spout Brush, Nylon Fiber Bristle Trim, Plastic Handle

Nylon fiber sized to clean percolator stems and small spouts. Convenient hang hole. Dimensions: 2.75"W x .75"D x 12"H

Your Price: $2.87
Quickie 101 Professional Dishwash Brush Quickie 101 Professional Dishwash Brush, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle Trim, Plastic Handle

Polypropylene fiber for dishware, glassware, pots and pans. Will not scratch, comes with scraper for stubborn stuck on foods. Dishwasher-safe. Handle with convenient hang-up feature.

Your Price: $2.93
O-CELO RAINBOW HANDY SPONGE   Ocelo 7271-T Handy Sponge, 4.3 in L x 3 in W, 0.6 in T, Cellulose, Assorted

For washing dishes and wiping counters. Resists odors, kills germs in the sponge.

Your Price: $2.96
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