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SM Arnold 45-292 Orbital Bonnet SM ARNOLD 45-292 Orbital Bonnet

SM ARNOLD Orbital Bonnet

Your Price: $7.96
SM Arnold 25-618 Large Duster SM ARNOLD SELECT 25-618 Car Duster, 24 in OAL, Plastic Handle, Gray Handle

Soft, wax treated cotton fibers collect dust from cars, trucks, RV 's and boats. Safe for all surfaces. Comes with convenient black storage pouch.

Your Price: $16.84
SM Arnold 85-973 Headlight/Taillight Polish Kit SM ARNOLD 85-973 Headlight/Taillight Polish Kit

The polish compound and foam buffing pad is designed to remove oxidation from faded headlights and taillights on cars, motorcycles, boats and aircrafts to a like new finish. The polish leaves a slick, protective barrier that should be applied twice a year. The microfiber cloth is used to wipe the surface clean and dry. Contains 1 each 85-973 yellow speedy foam 3-1/2 in Dia buffing pad, plastic polish compound, plush blue microfiber towel and micro hook backing plate with 1/4 in spindle on a card.

Your Price: $28.28
Snow White 85-320 Professional Car Wash Mitt Snow White 85-320 Wash Mitt, Cotton Chenille

Soft Chenille, long-lasting and highly absorbent. Double-faced, heavy-duty mitt for home or professional use. Holds an abundance of soap and water for fast, efficient cleaning.

Your Price: $5.26
Spun Gold 85-310 Professional Car Wash Mitt SM ARNOLD Spun Gold 85-310 Wash Mitt, Lorene Synthetic Fiber

Made from heavy-duty, long wearing Lorene-Dynel synthetic fibers. Scratch proof, double-faced mitt absorbs an abundance of water and withstands heat, gasoline and detergents. Size 8 in x 11 in with cuff. Polybagged.

Your Price: $6.50
SM Arnold 85-763 Woven Shop Towel SM ARNOLD SELECT 85-763 Shop Towel, Cotton, Red

Mechanic red 100% cotton towels with hemmed edges. Size of 13 in x 15 in.

Your Price: $6.60
SM Arnold 85-773 Flannel Dusting Towel SM ARNOLD SELECT 85-773 Flannel Duster, Cotton

Soft, flannel towels with hemmed edges. 100% cotton. For dusting, polishing, wiping and cleaning.

Your Price: $5.50
Cleantools 51149 Drying Cloth Clean Tools 51149 Water Absorbing Cloth, 27 x 17 in, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Natural

Made of a unique material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol), The absorber is vastly great to a terrycloth towel and leather chamois. A uniform, sponge-like pore structure enhances capillary action, giving The absorber drying capabilities no other product can match. Besides being the ideal drying tool for cars and automobiles in the market, the absorber has endless uses that include - cooling your skin in the summer or after a workout and drying your dog. With proper care the absorber lasts for years and can be stored moist and ready to use in its handy tube.

Your Price: $16.80
Quickie 250 Oblong Cleaning Brush OBLONG FLOW-THRU BRUSH

Your Price: $8.60
SM Arnold 25-327 Scrubber Wash Mitt SM ARNOLD 25-327 Scrubber Wash Mitt, Nylon

Plush fibers carry an abundance of soap and water to loosen and lift dirt and grime away from the surface without scratching. Can be used wet or dry.

Your Price: $6.89
SM Arnold Telescopic Squeegee Rubber SM ARNOLD 85-662 Squeegee, Rubber Blade

Durable nylon mesh over a soft sponge for easy removal of bugs and dirt. Resilient rubber blade leaves the surface clean and dry. Metal screw-in telescopic handle extends from 27 to 46 in. Unassembled.

Your Price: $14.02
SM Arnold 0055 Polishing Disc with Backplate SM ARNOLD 0055 Buffing Pad, 5-1/2 in Dia, 1 in Thick, 1/4 in Arbor, Twisted 4-Ply Yarn

Twisted 4-ply yarn. Used to compound and buff cars and boats. Permanently attached backing plate with a 1/4 in spindle. Fits 1/4 in, 3/8 in or 1/2 in drills. 5-1/2 in Dia, 1 in pile.

Your Price: $11.20
SM Arnold 23-625 Upholstery Brush SM ARNOLD SELECT 23-625 Upholstery Brush, 1 in L Trim, 6 in OAL, Vinyl Trim, Plastic Handle

Durable plastic bristles provide extra scrubbing action to clean upholstery, floor mats and vinyl tops.

Your Price: $5.16
SM Arnold 85-652 Vent and Dash Brush SM ARNOLD SELECT 85-652 Vent and Dash Brush, 1.87 in L Trim, 6 in OAL, Natural Boar Trim

Soft bristles set in metal ferrule. For quick removal of dust and debris from hard-to-clean seams in automobile dashboards, vents and audio systems.

Your Price: $3.16
SM Arnold 25-859 Heavy Plush Cleaning Towel with Piped Edging SM ARNOLD 25-859 Cleaning Towel, Microfiber Cloth, Blue

With piped edging. For drying, general cleaning, dusting and detailing. Safe for all surfaces. Machine washable. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Your Price: $8.36
SM Arnold 25-860 Duo Sided Mesh Towel SM ARNOLD 25-860 Mesh Towel, Microfiber Cloth, Green

The microfiber mesh netting side gently scrubs away dirt, grime and stubborn wax haze. The microfiber plush side gently cleans and polishes. Machine washable. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Your Price: $11.31
SM Arnold 25-862 Glass Towel SM ARNOLD 25-862 Cleaning Towel, Microfiber Cloth, Blue/Yellow

For cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome, glass and metals. Tight weave and texture for cleaning action. Machine washable. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. 2 per pack, two colors.

Your Price: $7.02
Superflex Water Blade Silicone Soft Medical Grade Blade SM ARNOLD 25-923 Water Blade Silicone Soft Medical Grade Blade, 12 in L

SM ARNOLD Water Blade Silicone Soft Medical Grade Blade, 12 in Length

Your Price: $31.95
Select 25-670 Bi-Level Cleaning Brush SM ARNOLD SELECT 25-670 Washing Brush, 10 in OAL

Covers a large cleaning area and makes it easy to wash corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Comes with telescopic flow-thru handle that reaches 66 in. Features easy On/Off water flow switch.

Your Price: $39.02
SM Arnold 92-763 Combination Trigger Sprayer Bottle SM ARNOLD 92-763 Sprayer Bottle, 32 oz Capacity, Trigger Nozzle, Red/White

Red/white trigger sprayer with 9-1/4 in dip tube length with standard strainer and 32 oz. bottle. Nozzle adjusts from a wide mist to a sharp stream. Non-leaking shippable sprayer. 1.4 mL per stroke.

Your Price: $5.87
SM Arnold 85-765 Woven Shop Towel SM ARNOLD SELECT 85-765 Shop Towel, Cotton, Red

Mechanic red 100% cotton towels with hemmed edges. Size of 13 in x 15 in.

Your Price: $12.88
Sussex 85-125 Chamois CHAMOIS LEATHER 2-1/2 SQFT

Made of 100 percent cod oil tanned select sheepskin. For auto use and other cleaning jobs around the home.

Your Price: $12.89
SM Arnold 85-140 General Duty Leather Chamois Sussex 85-140 Premium Chamois, 4 sq-ft, Leather, Clear

Imported from the genuine sheep skin chamois tanners in the world. 100% fish oil tanned from select sheep skins to provide a great quality, general duty chamois. Use chamois when dry to polish surfaces to a high shine.

Your Price: $19.95
SM Arnold 85-120 General Duty Leather Chamois HOPKINS SELECT TS10 Chamois, 2 sq-ft, Leather, Natural

Tanner's Select? genuine leather chamois is the best way to dry, polish and protect your car, truck, motorcycle, boat's finish. The chamois natural ability to absorb water, dirt and dust, without scratching the clear coat and release dirt and grit completely when rinsed, makes it ideal for drying all types of delicate surfaces. Our genuine leather chamois is made from the finest select new Zealand sheepskin and tanned in turkey with 100% fish oil for unsurpassed performance. Natural leather chamois can also be used when dry (and softened) to clean dust and fingerprints from glass, stainless steel, plastic and painted surfaces. Dries and polishes scratch free, eliminates spotting, streaks and marring and is reusable and environmentally friendly. Works well for cleaning appliances, flat-screen TV's, touch screens, eye glasses, computer screens, windows, sun glasses, electronics and more.

Your Price: $10.53
SM Arnold 85-665 Squeegee Sponge SM ARNOLD 25-621 Squeegee Sponge, Nylon/Rubber Blade, Wood Handle, Red

SM ARNOLD Squeegee Sponge, Steel Frame, 8 in Frame, Nylon/Rubber Blade, Wood Handle, Red, 21 in Handle, 25 in Overall Length

Your Price: $8.28
SM Arnold 85-660 Squeegee Bug Sponge SM ARNOLD 85-660 Squeegee Sponge, 20 in OAL

A durable nylon net over a soft sponge for easy removal of bugs and dirt. Resilient rubber blade leaves glass clean and dry. Plastic 8 in head assembled on 16 in screw-in plastic replacement handle.

Your Price: $6.44
DQB 11730 Round Window Washing Brush DQB 11730 Washing Brush, 2-1/2 in L Trim, 4-1/2 in OAL, Polypropylene Trim

Round brush face is red for thorough cleaning of smaller window areas, vehicle panels and auto bodies. Molded plastic blocks with three handle holes, two threaded and one tapered.

Your Price: $16.14
Linzer 6350 Parts Cleaning Brush Linzer 6350 Washing Brush, 2-3/4 in L Trim, 2-3/4 in OAL

Crimped black synthetic bristle, natural wood handle, seamless steel ferrule, point trim.

Your Price: $4.93
SM Arnold 85-745 Cheese Cloth SM ARNOLD 85-745 Cheese Cloth, 4 oz, Polyester

Extra-soft, lint-free. Use for polishing, cleaning and wiping. Not for culinary use.

Your Price: $4.71
DQB 11713 Washing Brush DQB 11713 Washing Brush, 2-1/2 in L Trim, 9 in OAL, Synthetic Trim, Poly Handle

Takes the work out of washing cars, trucks, RVs, buses boats and airplanes. 2-1/2 in trim, soft gray flagged synthetic. 10 in dura-block with protective plastic bumper, 1 tapered handle hole and 1 thread flow-through handle hole.

Your Price: $15.02
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