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Wooster Acme F5117 Chip Brush Wooster F5117-1/2 Paint Brush, 1/2 in W, 1-11/16 in L Bristle, Soft Natural China Bristle, Plain-Grip Handle

For applying varnishes, stains, glues and craft or decorative project paints as well as for brushing chips and dusting. Plain wood handle. Tin-plated steel ferrule.

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Intertape 5101-1 Masking Tape Intertape 5101-1 Masking Tape, 0.94 in W x 60 yd L, Beige, Synthetic Adhesive

Intertape Masking Tape, Series: 5101-1, 0.94 in Width, 60 yd Length, Synthetic Adhesive, Beige, 20 lb-in Tensile, For Non-critical Applications? and For Home, Office and Light Duty Projects

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Polyblend WDG1-6 Dry Non-Sanded Polymer Modified Tile Grout Custom WDG1-6 Polymer Modified Grout, White, 1 lb Can

Polymer-modified, non-sanded Portland cement dry grout used for joints up to 1/8 in wide. Excellent for highly glazed ceramic tile or highly-polished marble or natural stone that can be scratched by sanded grouts. It's non-shrinking and durable.

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Scotch 2020-1.5A Masking Tape Scotch 2020-1.5A Masking Tape, 1-1/2 in W x 60 yd L, Beige, 50 - 100 deg F

Scotch Masking Tape, Series: 2020-1.5A, 1-1/2 in Width, 60 yd Length, Beige, 50 - 100 deg F, For Vinyl, Carpet and Wood

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3M Wetordry 9088NA Wet/Dry Sand Paper? 3M 9088 Sandpaper, 11 in L, 9 in W, Extra Fine/Super Fine/Very Fine, Silicone Carbide Abrasive

Sharp, synthetic, silicon carbide cuts fast to dry or wet sand between coats of varnish, paint and other finishes or to sand metal for repainting or prior primer coat. Use with water to reduce clogging and extend abrasive life.

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Linzer RS693 Paint Roller And Tray Sets Linzer RS693 Roller and Tray Set, Regular Size, Plastic

Set includes 3/8 in nap reusable 9 in roller cover, deep-well plastic tray and 4-wire cage.

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Intertape 20C-W2 Duct Tape IPG 20C-W2 Duct Tape, 60 yd L, 1.88 in W, Cloth Backing, White

When the solution seems improbable, IPG? 's full line of duct tapes will satisfy any one of the tape's millions of uses. Whether the job requires heavy-duty or general-purpose strength, a neutral silver or colored surface or a temporary or permanent hold, IPG's duct tape is the solution for holding it, fastening it, securing it, sealing it, binding it or bundling it.

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Mr LongArm Pro-Pole Adjustable Extension Pole Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole 3204 Extension Pole, 1-1/16 in Dia, 2.2 to 3.9 ft L, Aluminum, Fiberglass Handle

Medium-duty Pro-Pole has a lightweight yet durable fluted fiberglass handle and anodized aluminum slider tube. This versatile extension pole performs well for most applications including painting, staining, dusting, window cleaning and more.

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