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Chilly Danaâ„¢ Chilly Dana™

The Chilly Dana™ is our all-sport, all-terrain, all-purpose evaporation cooling bandana. It absorbs sweat and keeps you cool during a workout, hard ride, tough climb or any other strenuous or warm weather activity. Perfect for doo-rags and neck wraps. Double sided embossing makes the Chilly Dana™ a perfect function cooling towel. Size: 26" x 26" x 36 3/4"

(Frogg Toggs)

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Chilly Shadeâ„¢ Cooling Neck Cover Chilly Shade™ Cooling Neck Cover

Days in the sun just got a lot cooler and safer. Providing UPF 50 Sun and UV protection, The Chilly Shade™ Cooling Neck Cover provides a physical sun barrier for your neck and ears while offering the same evaporative cooling of the Original Chilly Pad®. Simply slide it around your head or the brim of your hat to have hours of cooling, sun-blocking power.

*Reusable, zip-close storage and travel packaging makes the Chilly Shade easy to carry, keep moist and ready to wear.

(Frogg Toggs)

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Camo Blanket CAMO Blanket

Great for hunting and camping. Great gift idea for a man.

Camo Blanket 80" L x 72" A

  • Durable, non-woven fabric resists abrasion and withstands rugged use
  • Stands up to many indoor/outdoor tasks
  • Machine washable
  • Use as a barrier to keep stains, odors, and pet hair off furniture
  • Use as a moving blanket to protect furniture during transportation or storage
  • Use to protect vehicle paint jobs from scratching
  • Great for long-term storage

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hand warmer Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

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