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For the day-to-day tasks around the house, it’s important to be well-stocked in small housewares and daily household items. We have a great selection of household products online from reliable brands such as Quickie, ArmorAll, Spray Nine and more. Find everything from cleaning and storage supplies to small home accessories, appliances and accent décor. Whether you’re stocking up on essentials to save money or picking up new accessories and equipment, we carry housewares for every need, great and small.

When you shop our selection of housewares for sale, every product you select is backed by the PTE Central guarantee of quality. We only carry products we would use in our own homes, ensuring each and every product meets our standards. Shop with us today and save!

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Scotch-Brite 220 Rectangular? Scouring Pad Scotch-Brite 220 Heavy Duty Rectangular? Scouring Pad, 6 in L x 3.85 in W, Synthetic Fiber

Scotch-Brite Scouring Pad, Heavy Duty Rectangular?, Series: 220, 6 in Length, 3.85 in Width, Synthetic Fiber, Green, For Kitchen, Garage and Outdoors

Your Price: $1.49
GLOVES LATEX ALL PURPOSE L/XL Venom VEN9125 All Purpose Exam Gloves, Large/Extra-Large, Latex, Green

Venom Exam Gloves, All Purpose, Large/Extra-Large, Latex, Green, 9 in Length, For Painting, Cleaning and Refinishing Projects

Your Price: $2.50
Ziploc 10880 Square Reusable Food Storage Container Ziploc 10880 Disposable Square Reusable Food Storage Container, 32 oz

Ziploc Food Storage Container, Disposable, Square, Reusable, Ziploc, 32 oz Capacity, For Leftovers, Lunches, and Household Items

Your Price: $4.56
SM Arnold 85-733 Detailing/Polishing Towel SM Arnold 85-733 Detailing/Polishing Towel, 18 in L X 15 in W, White, 100% Terry Cotton

SM Arnold Detailing/Polishing Towel, SM Arnold, 18 in Length X 15 in Width, White, 100% Terry Cotton, For Wiping, Cleaning and Dusting

Your Price: $5.74
Armored Auto 10861-6 Original Protectant Wipe Armored Auto 10861-6 Original Protectant Wipe, 1/2 X 9 in, White, Leather

Armored Auto Original Protectant Wipe, Armored Auto, 1/2 X 9 in, White, Mild Fragrance, Leather, 8.2 pH, For Protecting Interior Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Without Leaving a Greasy Residue on Your Hand

Your Price: $5.78
4pc Super Absorbent Shammy 4pc Super Absorbent Shammy

• All purpose: wash, dry, & polish
• Durable non-scratching soft material
• Dries quickly
• Reusable & machine washable
• Towel Size:24" (60cm) Wide x 20" (50cm) Long
• Material:70% viscose,30% polyester

Your Price: $5.99
RING TRIM ELECT RANGE CHM 8IN Camco 00353 Electric Universal Trim Ring, For Use With Metal or Porcelain Pans, 8 in Diameter, Chrome Plated

Camco Trim Ring, Electric, Universal, Suitable For Use With: Metal or Porcelain Pans, 8 in Diameter, Chrome Plated

Your Price: $6.13
Homebasix JI-39W-3L Lid Storage Rack Homebasix JI-39W-3L Lid Storage Rack, 13 in H x 5-3/4 in W x 4-3/4 in D, Steel Wire

Homebasix Lid Storage Rack, 13 in Height, 5-3/4 in Width, 4-3/4 in Depth, Steel Wire, White

Your Price: $6.47
Accusharp Sharp N Easy 2-Step Knife Sharpener Accusharp Sharp N Easy 2-Step Knife Sharpener, Rubber Grip, Blue

Accusharp Knife Sharpener, Series: Sharp N Easy, 2-Step, Rubber Grip, Blue

Your Price: $6.60
Westclox 46983 Wall Clock Westclox 46983 Wall Clock, Analog Display, Round, 8-1/2 in, Burgundy

Westclox Wall Clock, Series: 46983, Round Shape, 8-1/2 in Diameter, Analog Display, Plastic, Burgundy

Your Price: $7.66
BROOM WHISK CORN 12X7-1/2IN   Quickie 424 Wire Wound Whisk Broom, 7-1/4 in OAL, Natural Fiber

Quickie Whisk Broom, Wire Wound, 7-1/4 in Overall Length, Natural Fiber Bristle, 2 Sews, Nylon Sew, For Garage, Patio and General Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Your Price: $7.74
Husky HK13WC080W One-By-One Dispensing Kitchen Trash Bag Husky HK13WC080W One-By-One Dispensing Kitchen Trash Bag, 13 gal 1 ft 11-3/4 in L x 2 ft 4 in W

Husky Kitchen Trash Bag, One-By-One Dispensing, Series: HK13WC080W, 13 gal Capacity, 1 ft 11-3/4 in Length, 2 ft 4 in Width, 0.69 mil Thickness, True Tie Flap Closure, Poly, White, For Kitchen and Lawn

Your Price: $7.92
Taylor Precision 5806 Timers Taylor 5806 Digital Compact Timer

Taylor Digital Compact Timer, LCD Display, 0.7 in Display, AAA Battery, Plastic, White, Includes: (1) Battery, Clip, Magnet, For General Purpose

Your Price: $8.29
Rubbermaid 2956 Open Top Rectangular? Wastebasket Rubbermaid 2956 Open Top Rectangular? Wastebasket, 28-1/8 qt 14.4 in L x 10.200 in W x 15 in D

Rubbermaid Wastebasket, Open Top Rectangular?, Series: 2956, 28-1/8 qt Capacity, 14.4 in Length, 10.200 in Width, 15 in Depth, Linear LDPE, Black

Your Price: $8.78
Selfie Stick Selfie Stick

Titan Telescoping Selfie Stick

• Adjusts from 9.5" to 42.5"
• Universal camera compatible mount
• Adjustable phone size mount (2.50-3.5")
• Wired - snap photos with the press of a button, with or without a timer

Your Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $3.00
Westclox 70043X Compact Large Alarm Clock Westclox 70043X Compact Large Alarm Clock, 1 in Digital, LCD Display, Black

Westclox Alarm Clock, Compact Large, Series: 70043X, 4 in Width, 2-1/2 in Height, 2 -1/2 in Depth, Digital, LCD Display, 1 in Display, Black

Your Price: $10.38
Chickasaw #19 Angle Broom Chickasaw #19 Angle Broom, Plastic

Chickasaw Angle Broom, Series: #19, Plastic Bristle, Plastic Block, Yellow Block, 7/8 in Handle, Green Handle

Your Price: $10.64
Gasoila Tub O' Towels Cleaning Wipes Gasoila Tub O' Towels Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, 12 in Length X 10 in Width

Gasoila Cleaning Wipes, Multi-Purpose, Series: Tub O' Towels, 12 in Length X 10 in Width, 90 Capacity, Tub Packing, For Removing Ink, Glue, Wax, Tar, Permanent Marker, Nail Polish, Food And Drink Spills, Gum, Scuff Marks, Paints, Caulks, Grass Stains, Sealants, Grease and Oil

Your Price: $13.50
15X2 FLAT VOTIVE VANILLA SWI  15X2 Flat Votive Vanilla Swi - Case of 12

Candle-Lite Scented Candle, Flat Top Votive, Series: 1276570, 1-1/2 in Diameter, 2 in Height, Creamy Vanilla Swirl Fragrance, Ivory, 10 - 12 hr Burning, For Fragrant Home Atmosphere

Your Price: $14.40
Homebasix 06ABSHE-11-3L Gateway Door Mat Homebasix 06ABSHE-11-3L Gateway Door Mat, 30 in L X 18 in W, Rubber

Homebasix Door Mat, Gateway, Homebasix, 30 in Length, 18 in Width, Rubber, Blue

Your Price: $15.00
TEA LIGHT TUBE                Tea Light Tube - Case of 4

Dimensions: 6"H x 2.18" W x 2.18" D.

Your Price: $23.44
LINER DRUM BLK 36X56IN 2MIL   Petoskey Plastics FG-03812-10A Heavy Duty Drum Liner, 55 gal, 56 in L x 36 in W x 2 mil, Poly, Black

Primose Drum Liner, Heavy Duty, 36X56IN. Capacity, 2 mil Thickness, Poly, Black. 208.20 Liter

Your Price: $34.05
CMC Huskee Caddy Bag CMC Huskee Caddy Bag, 32, 44 or 55 gal Round and 32 or 48 gal Square 22 in L x 19-1/2 in W, Vinyl, Yellow

CMC Caddy Bag, Series: Huskee, 32, 44 or 55 gal Round and 32 or 48 gal Square Capacity, 22 in Length, 19-1/2 in Width, Vinyl, Yellow, 9 Pockets

Your Price: $50.55
All Rags R401 Reclaimed Wiping Cloth All Rags R401 Reclaimed Wiping Cloth, 14 in Length X 14 in Width, Cotton Blend

All Rags Wiping Cloth, Reclaimed, Series: R401, 14 in Length X 14 in Width, Cotton Blend

Your Price: $55.19
Scott 75130 Professional Shop Towel Shop Towels Case Display - Case of 30

Scott Shop Towel, Professional, Scott, 10.4 in Length X 11 in Width, Blue, 55 Capacity, Roll Packing, For Changing Oil, Refilling Fluids and General Maintenance

Your Price: $85.20