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Intertape 5101-1 Masking Tape Intertape 5101-1 Masking Tape, 0.94 in W x 60 yd L, Beige, Synthetic Adhesive

Intertape Masking Tape, Series: 5101-1, 0.94 in Width, 60 yd Length, Synthetic Adhesive, Beige, 20 lb-in Tensile, For Non-critical Applications? and For Home, Office and Light Duty Projects

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Polyblend WDG1-6 Dry Non-Sanded Polymer Modified Tile Grout Polyblend WDG1-6 Dry Non-Sanded Polymer Modified Tile Grout, 1 lb, Can, White, Solid Powder

Polyblend Tile Grout, Dry, Non-Sanded, Polymer Modified, 1 lb, Can Packing, Solid Powder, White, 24 - 28 hr Drying Time, Composition: Portland Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Ferric Oxide, Silica, Crystalline, Quartz, Portland Cement Base, 250 psi Tensile, 3300 psi After 28 days Compressive Strength, 50 - 100 deg F, ANSI A118.6

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Scotch 2020-1.5A Masking Tape Scotch 2020-1.5A Masking Tape, 1-1/2 in W x 60 yd L, Beige, 50 - 100 deg F

Scotch Masking Tape, Series: 2020-1.5A, 1-1/2 in Width, 60 yd Length, Beige, 50 - 100 deg F, For Vinyl, Carpet and Wood

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ITW Permatex 84115 Permapoxy Epoxy Permatex 84115 Plastic Welder, 0.84 oz, Carded, White, Paste

Permatex Plastic Welder, 0.84 oz Capacity, Carded, <50 g/l VOC, Paste, White, 5 Min Drying Time, 5 - 6 Min Application, 8 - 10 Min Setting, Methacrylate Odor/Scent, 50 Deg F Flash Point, 0.96 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: Rigid Materials Including ABS, Acrylic, Fiberglass FRP, Glass, PVC, SMC, Steel, Styrene, Vinyl and Wood, Mixing Ratio: 1:1, Resists: Water and Chemical, For Interior Trim, Fills Cracks, Bonds Most Plastic and Bonds Plastic To Vinyl

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3M Wetordry 9088NA Wet/Dry Sand Paper? 3M Wetordry 9088NA Wet/Dry Sand Paper?, 11 in x 9 in, Assorted Grit

3M Wetordry Sand Paper?, Wet/Dry, Series: 9088NA, 11 in Length, 9 in Width, Assorted Grit, Silicon Carbide? Abrasive, Paper? Backing, Applicable Materials: Metal, For a Premiere Finish on Lacquers, Primers, Sealers, Plastics and Paints

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Semi Flexible 1-1/4" Scraper Semi Flexible 1-1/4" Scraper

  • Semi-flexible steel blade
  • Easy to clean handle with hang hole for storage

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Klean-Strip QKPT94003 Paint Thinner Klean-Strip QKPT94003 Paint Thinner, 1 qt Metal Can, Water White, Liquid

Klean-Strip Paint Thinner, Series: QKPT94003, 1 qt Capacity, Metal Can Packing, Water White, Chemical Composition: Hydrotreated Light Distillate, Naphtha, Hydrodesulfurized Heavy, Stoddard Solvent, 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene Nonane, Benzene, Cumene and Ethylbenzene, Liquid, 778 g/l VOC, 0.780 Specific Gravity, >100 deg F Flash Point, For Paints

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Gardner-Gibson 0318-GA Rubberized Leak Stopper Roof Patch Gardner-Gibson 0318-GA Rubberized Leak Stopper Roof Patch, 29 Fl Oz, Black, Liquid

Gardner-Gibson Leak Stopper Roof Patch, Rubberized, 29 Fl Oz, <250 g/l VOC, 270 cPs Viscosity, Liquid, Black, 8 sq-ft/gal Coverage, 4 - 8 hr Setting, 24 - 48 hr Functional Cure, Petroleum Hydrocarbon/Solvent Odor/Scent, 105 deg F Flash Point, 1.0989 Specific Gravity, 50 - 120 deg F Application, Application Method: Trowel, 450 deg F, OSHA HCS2012

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Incom RE802 Lifesafe Reflective Tape Life Safe RE802 Reflective Tape, 1-1/2 in W x 4 ft L, Silver

Life Safe Reflective Tape, 1-1/2 in Width, 4 ft Length, Silver Tape, Standards: DOT-C2 Approved, For Trailers, Automotive, Driveway Posts, Mailboxes, Recreational Vehicles, Farm Machinery, Bicycles, Helmets and Snowmobiles

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Intertape 20C-W2 Duct Tape Intertape 20C-W2 Duct Tape, 1.87 in W x 60 yd L, Poly Coated Cloth Backing, White, Utility

Intertape Duct Tape, Series: 20C-W2, 1.87 in Width, 60 yd Length, Poly Coated Cloth Backing, White Tape, Utility Tape, For Patching, Repairing, Reinforcing and Sealing

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Intertape 9533-2 Masking Tape Intertape 9533-2 Masking Tape, 1.87 in W x 60 yd L, Blue

Intertape Masking Tape, Series: 9533-2, 1.87 in Width, 60 yd Length, Blue Tape, For Lacqured or Polyurethane Surfaces and Floors

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De-Solv-It 10131 Contractor Solvent De-Solv-It 10131 Heavy Duty Contractor Solvent, 32 oz, Bottle, Clear Orange, Liquid, Citrus

De-Solv-It Contractor Solvent, Heavy Duty, 32 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, Trigger Sprayer Dispenser, Liquid, Clear Orange, Citrus Odor/Scent, 0.808 Specific Gravity, >155 deg F Flash Point, 0.86 VOC, Applicable Materials: Asphalt, Concrete and Silicon, ASTM D5191, For Cleaning Stained Roofing Tar, Road Tar, Grease, Oil, Wet Oil Based Lacquers

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3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler 3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler, 1 qt Can, White/Gold, 20 min

3M Bondo Wood Filler, Series: Home Solutions, White/Gold, 1 qt Can, 20 min Drying Time, Composition: Benzoyl Peroxide, Water, Zinc Stearate, Paste, Pungent Organic Odor, Resists: Water, 45 - 110 deg F, 1.146 Specific Gravity, 88 deg F Flash Point, 172000 - 192000 cps Viscosity, For Window Sills, Furniture, Cabinets, Fences and Posts, Decks

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Bondo 20054 All Purpose Putty PUTTY PAINTER ALLPURP IN EX GA - Case of 2

Bondo All Purpose Putty, Series: 20054, 1 gal Capacity, Can Packing, 185.03 g/l VOC, Paste, Red?, 3 - 5 min Setting, Slight Ester Odor/Scent, 80 - 82 deg F Flash Point, Media: Dry Chemical and Carbon Dioxide, Flammability Rating: 2, 1.14 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: Metal, Masonry, Concrete, Painted Wood, Plastic and Drywall Walls

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