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Mintcraft T1543L Sillcock Key MintCraft T1543L 4-Way Silcock Key, For Use With 1/4 and 5/16 in Square Stem, Hardened Steel

Hardened steel. Designed to fit 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", and 11/32" square stem.

Your Price: $8.83
Mintcraft PMB-5053L Sillcock Keys MintCraft PMB-5053L Silcock Key, For Use With 1/4 in Stem On Outside Water Faucets

Sillcock key for 1/4" stem. For use on outside water faucets.

Your Price: $2.24
Superior Tool 05250 Plumbers Extractor Kit Superior 05250 Bolt Extractor Kit

Extract broken pipe quickly and easily. Five sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".

Your Price: $12.93
Oatey 31411 Abrasive Sand Cloth Oatey 31411 Abrasive Sand Cloth, 2 yd x 1-1/2 in, 120 Grit

120 grit for cleaning copper pipe and fittings and other soft metals.  Can be used for polishing, deburring, and roughing copper tubing, as well as plastic pipe.  Water - resistant with resin - bonded flexible cloth backing.  The 100% coverage of the cloth backing, with tough aluminum oxide abrasive, provides fast cleaning and long life.

Your Price: $3.29
Superior Tool 05239 Internal Pipe Wrench Sets Pro-Line 05239 Internal Pipe Wrench Set, Steel, Nickel/Chrome

Eliminates the possibility of damage to threads, walls, and external nickel or chrome finish. "Cam Action" provides non-slipping grip on the inside of nipples, pipes, and fittings and can be turned either way. Heat treated, alloy steel. Includes 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" wrench.

Your Price: $55.74
SuperiorTool 2802 Pipe Cutter SuperiorTool 2802 Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter, 1/2 - 2 in OD, Extra Long, T-Shaped

For fast, clean pipe cutting, long shanked frame protects thread on cutter screw from wear. Shockproof malleable frame guaranteed not to break or warp. Spring action cutter prevents damage to rollers. Will cut black iron pipe and hollow galvanized steel fence post. All bearing points. Rental.

Your Price: $87.89
Mintcraft WMT60343L Water Meter Keys MintCraft WMT60343L Water Meter Key, 3/4 in Dia x 60 in L, Steel, Black

For turning off/on water supply valves. Black painted finish with MintCraft blue dip coating handle.

Your Price: $40.33
Mintcraft Pro PE-42-S3L PVC Pipe Cutters Mintcraft PE-42-S3L Ratcheting Cutter, 1-5/8 in, Ergonomic

Heavy duty and heat treated SK5 steel blade. Lightweight aluminum matte vinyl dipped ergonomic handles. Clear cutting edge within 3 degrees allows for a better connection.

Your Price: $37.42
Apollo Valves 69PTKH0015K Multi-Head Pex Crimp Tool Kit Apollo Valves 69PTKH0015K Multi-Head Pex Crimp Tool Kit, 3/8 - 1 in Capacity

Includes crimp jaws 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1", Go-No-Go gauge, adjustable wrench.

Your Price: $78.97
Oatey 31345 Od Tube Cleaning Brush Oatey 31345 Od Tube Cleaning Brush, 1/2 in, Hard Bright Tempered Steel Wire Trim, High Impact Polystyrene Handle

O.D. tube cleaning brush is used for cleaning the outside diameter of copper piping prior to soldering. Can also be used to clean plastic pipe. Cleans outside piping quickly and effectively. Outer cover is made of high impact polystyrene. Brush is made of hard bright tempered steel wire. Easy-to-grip brush ensures a clean surface and prepares the pipe for soldering or solvent welding.

Your Price: $3.67
Superior Tool Papco Pipe Flaring Tool Superior Tool Papco Pipe Flaring Tool, 3/16 - 5/8 in OD

Produces single-lap 45 degree flares on copper, brass, aluminum, and thin wall tubing.

Your Price: $60.82
Plumb Pak PP840-40 Faucet Reseater Without Center Adaptor Plumb Pak PP840-40 Faucet Reseater Without Center Adaptor

With 3 hardened steel cutters. 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8".

Your Price: $9.44
Cobra PST075 Tube Bending Springs Cobra PST075 Tube Bender Spring, 3/8 in Dia

For free-form bending of soft copper and aluminum tubing without kinking. Bagged.

Your Price: $3.49
Lenox 20985HSF12 Hand Saw Lenox 20985HSF12 Hand Saw, 12 in L, 10 TPI

Wide, rigid carbon steel blade with precision milled teeth.  Cuts through any diameter plastic pipe, wood and nail-embedded wood. Cuts on push and pull strokes. Blade resists flexing, attaches to handle with single screw. Lightweight aluminum handle with large opening hand grip for max finger clearance and enough room for gloves. 10 teeth per inch.

Your Price: $25.40
Superior Tool 37513 Replacement PVC Saw Superior Tool 37513 Replacement PVC Saw, 13 in L, 10 TPI

Cuts PVC, CPVC, ABS, Fibre pipe, wood, drywall and more. Unbreakable aluminum die-cast handle. Flame hardened blade.

Your Price: $17.32
Bondo/Dynatron 03131 Plumbers Abrasive Cloth Bondo 03131 Abrasive Cloth, Fine

Tough, flexible cloth backing for sanding hard-to-reach areas. Long-lasting, fast cutting. Use for de-burring and metal finishing. 1" X 6' Roll

Your Price: $6.94
Oatey 31329 Fitting Brush With 1 in Handle Oatey 31329 Fitting Brush With 1 in Handle, 1 in, High Carbon Steel Wire Trim, High Impact Polystyrene Handle

Designed for cleaning, deburring, and polishing the inside of copper fittings prior to soldering. Can also be used to clean plastic and brass. Brush is made of high carbon steel bristles to ensure a long lasting, durable and sharp cutting surface. Contoured plastic handle provides a comfortable grip. Stem is made of galvanized steel wire.

Your Price: $3.58
Plumb Pak PP874-00PC Shut Off Key Plumb Pak PP874-00PC Shut Off Key, For Use With Loose Key Stops

Key for loose key stops. Tamper proof.

Your Price: $5.04
Superior Tool 03812 Basin Wrench Pro-Line 03812 Basin Wrench, 17 in Drive, Steel, Black/Silver

The spring-loaded jaws and adjustable head angle design accommodates up to 1" hex and square nuts in tight places. Extends to 17".

Your Price: $28.51
Superior Tool 03811 Basin Wrench Pro-Line 03811 Basin Wrench, 11 in Drive, Steel, Black/Silver

Infinitely adjustable head angle design for up to 1" hex and square nuts in tight places. Shaft made of steel and jaws of powder metal. Rental.

Your Price: $14.79
Mintcraft 24481-3L Tubing Cutters Mintcraft 24481-3L Tubing Cutters, 1/8 to 1-1/8 Tubing Cap O.D. Inch

Cuts brass, aluminum and plastic tubing. Zinc body and knob.

Your Price: $8.66
Worldwide Sourcing DT-077 Torque Wrenches Worldwide Sourcing DT-077 Torque Wrench, 60 in-lb Torque

Tightens steel bands to 60 inch-pounds of torque. Automatically releases once correct torque has been achieved. Designed for use with Orgill Worldwide Sourcing flexible fittings.

Your Price: $13.50
Wiss WRPCMD Medium Ratchet Pipe Cutter Wiss WRPCMD Medium Ratchet Pipe Cutter, 1/4 - 7/8 in, Steel, Lightweight

Ratcheting mechanism provides increased convenience and less effort. Allows pipe cutting in tight areas and other hard-to-reach places. Durable metal cutting head and lightweight nylon/fiberglass handle. Use on copper, brass, aluminum and thin-wall conduit material.

Your Price: $28.92
Mintcraft T003-3L Tubing Cutters Mintcraft T003-3L Tubing Cutters, Zinc Body, Steel Knob, 1/8 To 5/8

Zinc body, steel knob. Suj2 cutting sheet. For cutting tubes 1/8" to 5/8" O.D.

Your Price: $10.86
Mintcraft T006-3L Tubing Cutters Mintcraft T006-3L Tubing Cutters, Mini, Large Diameter

Zinc body and nylon knob. Suj2 cutting wheel. For cutting tubes 1/8" to 1-1/8" O.D.

Your Price: $14.74
General Tools 115 Hose and Tube Cutter General Tools 115 Hose and Tube Cutter, 1-1/2 - 1-1/4 in

For cutting flexible rubber, thin PVC, ABS and PE tubing. Curved jaw holder supports hose to ensure square cuts. Will cut 1-1/2"PD and ABS pipe and 1-1/4" PVC pipe. Carded.

Your Price: $12.37
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