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Stanley 42-193/184 Line Level Stanley 42-193 Line Level, 3-3/32 in L, 1-Vial, 2-Hang Hole, ABS, Yellow

The 3 in line level is simple, yet accurate. Its flat bottom allows for easy surface leveling. With special hooks for free sliding and high-visibility tinted liquid in vial for clear readings, this tool helps you read and mark angles with ease.

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Johnson Level 575 Structo-Cast Line Levels LEVEL LINE PLST STRCTO CST 3IN

Durable level vial is impact resistant. Lightweight construction reduces line sag. Unrestricted hooks allows for easy movement on line. Used for masonry, landscape and sheet metal work. Model 595 features "Multi-Pitch" vial reads slope in 1/8" increments.

Your Price: $3.29
Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Stud Finder Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Stud Finder

Provides dependable detection of wall studs. Magnet works by locating steel nails and screws used to hold drywall to studs. Base of the stud finder is notched for convenient marking once studs are located.

Your Price: $3.79
Stanley 42-287 Lightweight Line Level Stanley 42-287 Line Level, 1-Vial, 2-Hang Hole, Aluminum, Silver

This lightweight aluminum level has special hooks to hold line allowing the level to slide freely and a flat bottom for surface leveling.

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General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule General 300/1 Precision Measuring Ruler, SAE Graduation, Stainless Steel, 3-7/8 in W

Stainless steel with depth gauge pocket clip. 32nds and 64ths on one side, decimal equivalents on reverse. 15/32 in wide.

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Powerlock 39-130 Measuring Tape Stanley 39-130 Measuring Tape, 3 ft L Blade, 1/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Chrome Case

Trim and lightweight metallic colored ABS case with durable key ring for convenience. Yellow, blade lacquer-coated for added rust protection, slide lock keeps blade extended as needed.

Your Price: $3.99
Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape Crescent Lufkin Hi-Viz Series L610N Tape Measure, 10 ft L Blade, 1/2 in W Blade, Steel Blade, Plastic Case

The LUFKIN L600N Series tape measures feature a bright orange textured case for easier grip and increased user comfort. The blade has a matte finish which reduces glare which increases blade legibility. The blade is also nylon coated for an extended product life. The dual riveted end hook tips allow the user to mark measurements without the need for a writing utensil.

Your Price: $4.29
Structo Cast 7500 Torpedo Level Johnson 7500-ORANGE Torpedo Level, 9 in L, 3-Vial, Nonmagnetic, Plastic

Find plumb, level and 45 deg quickly and easily with Johnson's 9 in Structo-Cast? torpedo level. This level is durable and convenient, with Johnson's unique high-impact and non-corrosive Structo-Cast? frame that was designed to withstand even the toughest jobsite abuse. It also features a top-read window for convenient, easy viewing, while the V-groove frame fits on pipe and conduit.

Your Price: $4.59
General Tools 803 Stair Gauge Set General 803 Stair Gauge Set, Brass

The #803 stair gage set speeds and improves the quality of repetitive work, including making angle cuts on rafters and stair stringers.

Your Price: $4.99
Johnson 500 Pocket Level With Magnetic Pickup 5 in L Johnson 500 Pocket Level with Magnetic Pick-Up, 5 in L, 1-Vial, Plastic

This convenient pocket level is always within reach for taking accurate measurements on the fly. It fits easily in your utility drawer, tool box or glove compartment and has a metal pocket clip so you can effortlessly keep it on you as you move about your jobsite. The acrylic vial and high-impact body are highly durable and the level features a V-groove edge that fits on pipe and conduit. The tip is also magnetic, making the level a handy pickup tool as well.

Your Price: $4.99
General Tools 843/1 Pencil Compass/Scriber General 843/1 Pencil Compass and Scriber, 8 in Dia Circle, Steel

The #843/1 pencil compass and scriber is ideal for marking and scribing contours and circles.

Your Price: $4.99
Stanley 42-294 Torpedo Level LEVEL TORPEDO 8IN ABS TOP READ

High-impact ABS; top-reading feature allows visibility from above; tinted 360 degree vials for readability; high visibility orange body.

Your Price: $5.39
Johnson Structo Cast B75 Sliding T-Bevel T-BEVEL SLIDING STEEL 8IN

For locating and transferring any angle from 0 degree to 360 degrees. Heavy duty adjustable stainless steel blade will not rust or corrode, a recessed grip in the handle. Easy-to-use wing nut for positive blade lock.

Your Price: $5.69
Stanley 46-825 T-Bevel Stanley 46-825 T-Bevel, Stainless Steel Blade

Durable stainless steel blade with built-in blade lock for transferring angles. Tough 5-1/2 in, plastic handle provides handy and comfortable grip.

Your Price: $5.69
Johnson Structo Cast Rafter Angle Square Johnson Structo-Cast Series RAS-70B-ORAN Rafter Square, Plastic, 7 in L

As a saw guide, stair layout tool or rafter tool, Johnson's 7 in rafter square will help you get the job done accurately and easily. It features Johnson's unique Structo-Cast? molded frame that is both lightweight and durable as well as permanent molded graduations for making quick and easy measurements. This rafter square comes with handy markers that measure 2x4 board dimensions of 1-1/2 in, 3 in and 3-1/2 in. And you'll always find this square quickly in your toolbox thanks to its fluorescent, easy-to-see color.

Your Price: $5.99
Empire 93 Line Level Empire 93-3 Line Level, 3 in L, 1-Vial, Aluminum

Lightweight construction minimizes line sag. Unbendable open hooks allow level to slide freely. Pocket clip will guard tool against loss.

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Johnson Level 7500M  Torpedo Levels Johnson 7500M Torpedo Level, 9 in L, 3-Vial, Magnetic, Plastic

Find plumb, level and 45 deg quickly and easily with Johnson's 9 in Structo-Cast? torpedo level. This level is durable and convenient, with Johnson's unique high-impact and non-corrosive Structo-Cast? frame that was designed to withstand even the toughest jobsite abuse. It also features a top-read window for convenient, easy viewing. Its rubber, magnetic edge also allows for convenient hands-free use on ferrous metal surfaces, while the V-groove frame fits on pipe and conduit.

Your Price: $5.99
Stanley 30-485 Measuring Tape Stanley 30-485 Measuring Tape, 12 ft L Blade, 1/2 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Yellow Case

The Stanley 12-by-1/2 in tape measure features a polymer-coated blade for long life, a durable textured case for a non-slip grip and high-contrast colors for easy readability, with numerical readouts every 1/8 in. It measures 12 ft in L by 1/2 in W and stands out 7 ft.

Your Price: $6.49
Johnson 555 Line/Surface Level Johnson 555 Line Level, 3 in L, 1-Vial, Aluminum, Silver

The ideal addition to every toolbox, this 3 in line level's durable, lightweight aluminum construction reduces line sag, for an accurate reading every time. It features unrestricted hooks that allow for easy movement.

Your Price: $6.49
Quick Square 46-060 Pocket Square Stanley Quick Square Series 46-060 Pocket Square, SAE Graduation, ABS, 6-7/8 in L

Works as a rafter square, try square, protract or a power saw guide. Lightweight compact heavy-duty ABS plastic body fits conveniently into pocket or tool belt. Detailed instruction book included.

Your Price: $6.49
General Tools 29 Angle Protractor With Brass Locknut General 29 Angle Protractor with Locknut, 0 to 165 deg, Plastic

The #29 plastic protractor facilitates measurement and marking of inside, outside and sloped angles. It is ideal for construction jobs, cabinet-making and fine carpentry, where a standard protractor or T-bevel won't fit.

Your Price: $6.49
Johnson 405 Square Stair Gauge Johnson 405 Stair/Square Gauge Set, Brass

Make your next stair or rafter work fast, easy and accurate with Johnson's gauge set. These flush-mounted, brass-plated thumbscrews are durable and ideal for repeat angle cuts when laying out stairs and rafters. They attach to all standard framing and carpenter squares.

Your Price: $6.99
General Tools 230 Economy Feeler Gauge General 230 Leaf Feeler Gauge, Functions: Inch, Metric, Steel

The #230 economy straight leaf feeler gage is ideal for adjusting and gaging spark plugs, distributor points and valve clearances, as well as measuring spaces between parts.

Your Price: $6.99
Johnson 05 Hexagonal Plumb Bob BOB PLUMB HEX STEEL 5 OZ

For finding a plumb (vertical) line over a long distance. Removable cap for quick, easy and accurate centered string installation.

Your Price: $6.99
Swanson Speedlite T0118 High Visibility Square Swanson Speedlite Series TO118 Square, 8 in L, 8 in W

The 8 in Speedlite? square is formed from lightweight, high-impact structural composite and is available in matte gray, high-visibility yellow and high-visibility orange. It's basically the same as the one and only Speed? square but is also great for use with siding and other delicate materials, since it won't mar soft finishes. Plus, its 8 in size means it's ideal for marking cuts in 8 in siding. Look for the Diamond?.

Your Price: $6.99
Powerlock 33-115 Measuring Tape Stanley 33-115 Pocket Measuring Tape, 10 ft L Blade, 1/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Chrome Case

The Classic Stanley 10 ft PowerLock? pocket tape measure with diameter scale measures up to 3 ft, features a polymer-coated blade with secure blade lock and our Tru-Zero?? end hook for accurate measurements. Its slim, high-impact chrome ABS case is durable on the job.

Your Price: $6.99
Structo Cast 450 Tri and Mitre Square Johnson 450 Tri-Miter Square, Stainless Steel, 8 in L

The essential marking and checking tool for any woodworker, this 8 in try and miter square makes assessing angles and marking straight cuts easy and accurate. Its Structo-Cast? handle is both durable and lightweight, while its heavy-duty blade is made of stainless steel so you'll never need to worry about rust or corrosion. This square features graduations in 1/8 in increments that are permanently etched in black for easy visibility.

Your Price: $6.99
Stanley 30-455 Measuring Tape Stanley 30-455 Measuring Tape, 25 ft L Blade, 1 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Yellow Case

Featuring a polymer-coated blade, high-impact ABS case and a Tru-Zero? end hook, pros and DIYers alike can count on this Stanley 25 ft tape measure for precise measurements and long-lasting durability. It's easy to read, easy to use and built for dependability.

Your Price: $7.59
Johnson 175-O Post Level Johnson 175-O Post and Pipe Level, 3-1/4 in L, 3-Vial, Nonmagnetic, Plastic, Orange

Level posts and pipes accurately and with ease using Johnson's post and pipe level. This bright orange level features three rugged acrylic vials that read plumb and level simultaneously, while the reflective backing increases vial visibility for ease of use. The level comes with a rubber strap that quickly attaches to any post, pole or stringer for hands-free use when working on difficult, one-man jobs.

Your Price: $7.99
Stanley 42-468 I-Beam Level Stanley 42-468 I-Beam Level, 24 in L, 3-Vial, 2-Hang Hole, Non-Magnetic, ABS, Yellow

The 24 in high-impact ABS level is durable and accurate. Its ABS construction provides shock resistance and strength. With a top-read center vial, measuring scale for added utility and non-marring plastic construction, this tool is built for accuracy, ease of use and durability.

Your Price: $7.99
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