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ThunderGun 232TGSL Air Impact Wrench Ingersoll Rand ThunderGun Series 232TGSL Air Impact Wrench, 1/2 in Drive, 625 ft-lb, 10,000 rpm Speed

As close as you can get to the real racing tools used by Nascar pit crews. It features 625 ft-lb of torque in reverse, with 10,000 rpm to deliver pit crew power, speed and durability for shop tasks.

Your Price: $329.99
Ingersoll-Rand 2100G Composite Air Impact Wrench Ingersoll Rand 2100G Air Impact Wrench, 1/2 in Drive, 550 ft-lb, 9500 rpm Speed

With a great power to weight ratio the 2100G makes it comfortable to get the job done. Delivering 550 ft-lb of maximum reverse torque and weighing only 4.3 lb, this tool has what it takes to handle the toughest jobs. This powerful, lightweight Ingersoll Rand composite air impact wrench delivers high torque through a sophisticated power management system.

Your Price: $179.99
Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Pressure Gauge Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Gauge, Steel

Pressure rating of 0 to 200, 0 to 14 kg/sq-cm and mounting back.

Your Price: $12.99
Porter-Cable C2002 Air Compressor Porter-Cable C2002 Portable Electric Air Compressor, Tool Only, 6 gal Tank, 0.8 hp, 120 V, 150 psi Pressure, 1-Stage

Our 150 psi 6 gal oil-free pancake compressor is constructed with a pancake style tank for stability, with a water drain valve and tough rubber feet. The high-pressure design optimizes air tool performance, delivering 2.6 scfm at 90 psi for quick recovery time. The oil-free pump provides maintenance-free performance. Transporting is easy with the integrated cord wrap.

Your Price: $169.99
Ingersoll-Rand 3445MAX Pneumatic Angle Grinder Ingersoll Rand 3445MAX Angle Grinder, 4-1/2 in Dia Wheel, 12,000 rpm Speed, 41 cfm Air, 0.88 hp

MAX Series air angle grinder the 3445MAX is the ideal choice for high-performance material removal. This 4-1/2 in air angle grinder combines a unique internal governor with a powerful 0.88 hp motor, to give you a best-in-class power to weight ratio grinder that will maximize your rate of material removal.

Your Price: $349.99
Prohoze PRO-3850 Air Hose Bostitch PRO-3850 Air Hose, 3/8 in OD, 50 ft L, MNPT, 300 psi Pressure, Polyurethane, Yellow

This air hose is tough and flexible. It is lightweight for easy management. Use this air hose for finish carpentry and roofing jobs.

Your Price: $74.99
Ingersoll-Rand 114GQC Air Hammer Ingersoll Rand Edge Series 114GQC Air Hammer, 3500 bpm BPM, 4 cfm Air

This standard-duty air hammer is handy whether you're cutting panels, fixing exhaust systems or making general repairs. Powered by compressed air, this tool delivers a 2-5/8 in stroke and 3500 bpm and is equipped with a quick-change retainer that makes it easy to swap chisels. Its rugged design sports an alloyed steel barrel and a heat-treated piston.

Your Price: $77.99
Plews/Edelmann 18-603 Air Blow Guns Tru-Flate 18-603 Blow Gun, 150 psi Air

Adjust from low air to a full volume flow. Recommended air pressure to 150 psi maximum. Knurled nozzle makes handling easy. Complete with handy pocket clip. Fits all industrial/Milton design 1/4 in coupler bodies.

Your Price: $7.59
Stanley TIRE-14F Tire Chuck Bostitch TIRE-14F Tire Chuck, 1/4 in, FNPT, Steel

This tire chuck can connect to an air compressor with an adapter and be used to fill tires with air. Depend on this tire chuck for strength and durability.

Your Price: $3.79
Tru-Flate 12-425 Air Line Plug Tru-Flate 12-425 Plug, 1/4 in, MNPT, Steel

This plug is the most easily recognized design. The long 3/4 in pilot is so distinctive it cannot be confused with any other designs. Couplers are available in sleeve type only.

Your Price: $4.59
Tru-Flate 13-301 Coupler/Plug Set Tru-Flate 13-301 Coupler and Plug Set, 1/4 in

This design is identified by a 5/16 in pilot and ball groove which is nearly round. It is similar in appearance to the industrial interchange and care must be taken to correctly identify. Couplers are available in both standard and push to connect style sleeve.

Your Price: $11.99
Tru-Flate 13-713 Air Line Coupler Tru-Flate 13-713 Coupler, 1/2 in, FNPT, Steel

The Tru-Flate design plug is recognized by the extremely short pilot, however it has the widest metal section between the groove and the pilot. The sealing surface on the end of the plug is wider than other interchanges, resulting in better sealing and longer seal life. The Tru-Flate design coupler utilizes the tubular valve which supports the seal and allows more air flow at lower pressure drops than most competitive couplers. The protective collar guards against accidental disconnect.

Your Price: $19.99
Tru-Flate 17-373 Grip Tite Direct Air Line Chuck Tru-Flate 17-373 Air Line Chuck, 1/4 in, FNPT

Direct air line chucks have a built-in shut-off valve and therefore cannot be used on inflator gauges. Use when air supply lines come directly from the compressor with no other valve in the line.

Your Price: $12.99
Plews/Edelmann 41-101 Air Tool Oilers Tru-Flate 41-101 Tool Oiler, In-Line

Prevents burn-out, stops rust and increases torque up to 25%. A compact oiler that fastens directly to the air tool. Precisely meters proper amount of oil to the tool only when the tool is in use. NO adjustments necessary 1/4 in male NPT outlet, 1/4 in female NPT inlet. Use on all 3/8 and 1/2 in air impact guns, air wrenches, body shop air tools and pneumatic hammers. Note: never use motor oil in pneumatic tool.

Your Price: $7.99
Tru-Flate 21-605 Barb Air Line Swivel Tru-Flate 21-605 Air Line Swivel Fitting, 1/4 in, MNPT x FNPT

Eliminates kinked and twisted air line hose by swiveling a full 360 deg. Use on air lines, tools and compressor connections to increase flexibility and convenience. Barb type and male/female connections. 150 psi maximum working pressure.

Your Price: $8.69
Edge 300G Random Pneumatic Sander Ingersoll Rand 300G Air Sander, 6 in Pad/Disc, 15.5 cfm Air

6 in Random orbital air sander this vacuum-ready, low-vibration model is lightweight yet sturdy. It produces an ultra-high-quality, swirl-free, finish and connects to central or portable vacuum systems. The 300G extracts dust and particles through the pad, keeping foreign matter away from the motor. Virtually all dust is instantly channeled away from the work. This tool is well-suited for preparing metal and wood surfaces for painting and finishing.

Your Price: $139.99
Ingersoll-Rand 170G Air Ratchet Wrenches Ingersoll Rand 170G Air Ratchet Wrench, 3/8 in Drive, 55 ft-lb, 3 cfm Air

Ingersoll Rand's Edge Series 170G delivers the power you need to get the job done. At 55 ft-lb of maximum torque and 170 rpm free speed, this tool is the ideal fit for all of your projects. The 170G can be used in a broad range of applications where light disassembly and assembly of products is necessary. Use the 170G to access those hard-to-reach tight spaces.

Your Price: $109.99
ProSource FDQ910 Inflation Kit ProSource FDQ910 Air Inflation Kit, Brass/Steel, Brass/Silver, Brass/Nickel Plated

ProSource Air Inflation Kit, Brass/Steel, Brass/Silver, Brass/Nickel Plated, Includes: Inflation Adapter, Tapered Inflation Nozzle, Inflation Needle and Tire Nozzle

Your Price: $5.99
Tru-Flate 41-907 Air Tank Conversion Kit Tru-Flate 41-907 Air Tank Conversion Kit

Complies with all new tank standards. Includes chuck, 4 ft air hose, pressure gauge, manifold with safety and tank valve.

Your Price: $44.99
Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Senco PC1010 Air Compressor, Tool Only, 1 gal Tank, 0.5 hp, 115 V, 125 psi Pressure, 0.7 scfm Air

The PC1010 is ultra-quiet and ultra-light lube less pump compressor.

Your Price: $149.99
Plews 576-25A Air Hose Amflo 576-25A Air Hose, 3/8 in OD, 25 ft L, MNPT, 300 psi Pressure, PVC, Orange

Amflo? PVC air hose is ideal for general-purpose applications. It features a lightweight, flexible, kink-resistant design with bend restrictors. Its bright florescent colors reduce chances of tripping while on a jobsite.

Your Price: $19.99
ProSource ATA-0243L Barb Hose Splicer SPLICER FOR 3/8 HOSE - Case of 25

All brass fitting with 3/8 in MNPT.

Your Price: $87.25
ProSource Tire Inflator Gauge ProSource DQ1103L Tire Inflator with Gauge, 0 to 220 psi Pressure, 0 to 220 psi Gauge, Die-Cast Metal, Gray

The ProSource tire inflator has a die-cast body and dial type gauge with rubber protector and it has a fitted single clip-on connector. There is an air pressure of 0 to 220 psi and an air inlet of 1/4 in NPT.

Your Price: $27.99
Abbott Rubber 1010-03825-50-4MM Quick Connect Air Hose 50 ft AIRHOSE RBR 3/8X50 CPLD QC

Rubber hose, durable, abrasion resistant.

Your Price: $97.99
Ingersoll-Rand Edge Pro 2317G Air Impact Wrench Kit Ingersoll Rand Edge Series 2317G Air Impact Wrench Kit, 1/2, 3/8 in Drive, 55 (170G), 500 (231G) ft-lb, 8000 rpm Speed

This set includes a 231G air impact wrench and a 170G air ratchet wrench along with a five-piece socket set. The impact wrench's 6-vane motor yields an optimal power to weight ratio, while the ratchet wrench's motor delivers 55 foot pounds of torque and 170 rpm of free speed. Both tools sport an ergonomic design for greater comfort. A blow molded storage case makes carrying the set easy.

Your Price: $279.99

Compact design was engineered to be more maneuverable and convenient to carry. It offers enough air flow to operate two framing nailers or three roofing nailers simultaneously. Four oversized rubber feet to help minimize vibration. Durable ball type drain valve. Roll bar handle protects the oil site glass and other gauges against damage if the unit accidentally tips or rolls over. Upgraded industrial-grade pressure switch/regulator makes for easy adjustments and increased durability. Oil-lubricated pump offers a cast iron cylinder for durable performance over extended periods of use.  Specs: 3 horsepower (peak) induction motor, this unit draws only 13.8 amps (120 volts) to prevent circuit breakers from flipping as the motor cuts in and out. Four-gallon stack tank compressor providing 4 CFM at 90 psi and a maximum operating pressure of 135 psi.

Your Price: $399.99
Tru-Flate 21-535 Air Hose Bushing Tru-Flate 21-535 Air Hose Bushing, 1/4 x 3/8 in, FNPT x MNPT, Brass

All brass, corrosion-resistant material. This complete line of pipe couplings, thread Adapters and bushings allows user to adjust thread sizes from 1/8 in NPT through 1/2 in NPT with either male or female ends.

Your Price: $3.49
Plews/Edelmann 18-302 Tru-Flate Air Safety Blow Guns Tru-Flate 18-302 Blow Gun with Extension, 150 psi Air

Meets OSHA regulation 100-1 for 30 psi "dead head" pressure. Features vented nozzle to relieve the compressed air should the nozzle become plugged or accidentally obstructed. Heavy-duty die-cast body with hang-up hook, 1/4 in NPT female inlet and 4 in extension.

Your Price: $13.99
Edge 3107G Pneumatic Die Grinder Ingersoll Rand Edge Series 3107G Die Grinder, 27,000 rpm Speed, 18 cfm Air, 0.33 hp

The 3017G is ideal for finishing. It offers a ball-bearing construction that is sturdy yet lightweight. Features include a 1/3 hp motor, a 1/4 in collet, a rear exhaust and a self-locking throttle. An ergonomic grip makes the tool comfortable to hold and use and provides exceptional torque accuracy. Offering longer life and higher free speed at 27,000 rpm. A general-purpose tool designed for cutting, polishing, porting, light weld grinding and breaking sharp edges.

Your Price: $67.99
Ingersoll-Rand 1077XPA Air Ratchet Wrenches Ingersoll Rand 1077XPA Air Ratchet Wrench, 1/2 in Drive, Square Drive, 10 to 45 ft-lb, 4 cfm Air

The advanced head design of the 1077XPA 1/2 in and 107XPA 3/8 in ratchet wrenches provide increased durability to one of the industry's most popular ratchets.

Your Price: $179.99
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