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Magnetic Parts Tray Magnetic Parts Tray

• 4-1/4" Stainless steel dish
• Perfect for holding small parts, hardware and fasteners in place
• Sticks to any ferrous metal surface - it even works upside down!
• Rubber covered magnetic base prevents scratching

Your Price: $4.79
Crescent ProSeries PS5429C Compound Action Diagonal Cutting Plier Crescent ProSeries PS5429C Compound Action Diagonal Cutting Plier, 11 AWG, 9 in OAL

Crescent Diagonal Cutting Plier, Compound Action, 11 AWG, Crescent, Series: Pro, Semi-Flush Jaw, 1-9/16 in Length X 1-9/32 in Width X 5/8 in Thickness Jaw, Chrome Vanadium Steel Jaw, Ergonomic Co-Molded Grip Handle, 9 in Overall Length, Blue/Gray, 13/16 in Point

Your Price: $20.97
MICHIGAN AX SGL BIT 3-1/2 FGL Vulcan 33710 Michigan Axe With Handle, 3.5 lb, 33 in OAL, Fiberglass Handle

Vulcan Michigan Axe, 3.5 lb Head, 33 in Overall Length, 1 Bits, High Polished Head, 33 in Handle, Fiberglass Handle, Michigan Pattern

Your Price: $42.02
Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape, 10 ft L X 1/2 in W, Steel

Lufkin Measuring Tape, Lufkin, Inch Measuring System, 10 ft Blade Length, 1/2 in Blade Width, Steel Blade, Yellow Clad Blade, Yellow Blade, Graduations: in to 32nd, 16th, Automatic Rewind, Toggle Locking, 2-Rivet Hook, High Strength Case, ABS Plastic Case, Orange Case, Blade Style A1

Your Price: $4.07
DeWalt DWHT20123 2-In-1 Folding Jab Saw DeWalt DWHT20123 2-In-1 Folding Jab Saw, 5-1/4 in L, 9 PPI/8 TPI, Tri-Ground

DeWalt Jab Saw, 2-In-1, Folding, DeWalt, 5-1/4 in Blade Length, 9 PPI/8 TPI, Tri-Ground Teeth, Stainless Steel Blade, Ergonomic Bi-Metal Handle, Includes: Rasp Blade

Your Price: $27.72
DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-In-1 Multi-Function Hacksaw DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-In-1 Multi-Function Hacksaw, 5 in L, 8 TPI, Induction Hardened

DeWalt Hacksaw, 5-In-1, Multi-Function, DeWalt, 5 in Blade Length, 4-3/4 in Throat Depth, 8 TPI, Induction Hardened Teeth, Comfort Grip Handle, Plastic Handle, For Cutting Metal and Plastic

Your Price: $34.70
Strait Line 66305SL Carpenter Pencil Strait Line 66305SL Carpenter Pencil, Flat Barrel, Wood

Strait Line Carpenter Pencil, Strait Line, Flat Barrel, 7 in Length, Medium Lead, Wood Barrel, For Marking Measurements Or Taking Notes in Construction Companies And Building Trades

Your Price: $0.84
Stanley DWHT51135 Rip Claw MIG Weld Nailing Hammer Stanley DWHT51135 Rip Claw MIG Weld Nailing Hammer, 12 oz, 2 in Dia, 12 in OAL, Steel

Stanley MIG Weld Nailing Hammer, Rip Claw, 12 oz Head, 12 in Overall Length, Smooth Face, 2 in Face Diameter, Steel Head, Straight Handle, Steel Handle, Vibration Absorbing Grip

Your Price: $45.88
Eklind 15106 Hex L-Key Eklind 15106 Hex L-Key, 3/32 in, Steel, Black Oxide

Eklind Hex L-Key, Eklind, 3/32 in Tip, 2 in Arm length, L-Shaped Handle, Steel Blade, Black Oxide

Your Price: $0.29
Stanley 34-103 Measuring Tape Stanley 34-103 Measuring Tape, 50 ft L X 3/8 in W, Steel

Stanley Measuring Tape, Stanley, Inch Measuring System, 50 ft Blade Length, 3/8 in Blade Width, Steel Blade, Polymer Coated Blade, Yellow Blade, Graduations: in to 8th, Stud Markings, Manual Rewind, Folding/Riveted Hook, Closed Case, ABS Plastic Case, Yellow Case, Resists: Corrosion

Your Price: $11.81
Vaughan And Bushnell TC308  Ball Pein Hammers Vaughan And Bushnell TC308 Ball Pein Hammers, Wood Handle, 8 Oz Head

Vaughan & Bushnell Ball Pein Hammer, Riveting, 8 oz Head, 11-3/4 in Overall Length, Polished Smooth Face, 1-1/2 in Face Diameter, Forged High Carbon Steel Head, Compression Wedge Handle, Hickory Handle, Black Handle, For Industrial Application

Your Price: $15.94
Dasco 333-0 Masons Chisel Dasco 333-0 Masons Chisel, 1-3/4 in Tip, 7-1/2 in OAL, High Carbon Steel

Dasco Masons Chisel, High Carbon Steel, Dasco, 1-3/4 in Tip, 7-1/2 in Overall Length, For Cutting or Shaping Brick, Cement Block, Cinder Block or Trimming Excess Mortar

Your Price: $11.16
Estwing E16S  Ripping Claw Hammers Estwing E16S Ripping Claw Hammers, Solid Steel, 16 Oz Head

Estwing Rip Nail Hammer, Straight Claw, 16 oz Head, 12-1/2 in Overall Length, Smooth Face, Solid Steel Head, Leather Grip, Double Lacquered Handle, For Driving and Withdrawing Common and Finishing Nails Only

Your Price: $34.36
Crescent 508CVN/508CV Bevel Cut Nose Side Cutting Linesman Plier Crescent 508CVN/508CV Bevel Cut New England Nose Side Cutting Linesman Plier, 3/4 in, Straight Jaw

Crescent Linesman Plier, Bevel Cut, New England Nose, Side Cutting, 3/4 in, Crescent, Straight Jaw, 1-15/32 in Length X 1-1/8 in Width X 9/16 in Thickness Jaw, Tool Steel Jaw, Polished, Non-Slip, Cushion Grip Handle, 8-5/16 in Overall Length, Red, For Electrical Work

Your Price: $30.38
Lufkin Two Way Red End 966N Folding Rule Lufkin Two Way Red End 966N Folding Rule, 6 ft L X 5/8 in W, Wood, White

Lufkin Folding Rule, Wood, Lufkin, Series: Two Way, Red End, 6 ft Length, 5/8 in Width, Graduations: 1/16th, Imperial Measuring System, White, For Measuring Left to Right and Right to Left

Your Price: $14.47
Stanley 900 15-902A Hacksaw Blade Stanley 900 15-902A Hacksaw Blade, 10 in L, 32 TPI

Stanley Hacksaw Blade, Stanley, Series: 900, 10 in Blade Length, 32 TPI, High Carbon Steel Cutting Edge, Applicable Materials: Mild Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum

Your Price: $2.11
General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule With Pocket Clip, 6 in L X 15/32 in W

General Tools Measuring Rule, Flexible, Precision, Stainless Steel, General Tools, 6 in Length, 15/32 in Width, Graduations: 32nd, 64th, in Measuring System, Etched Fine Black Markings, Polished

Your Price: $3.62
CST 55-SLVP24ND Level Kit CST 55-SLVP24ND Automatic Level Kit, 1/16 in, 300 ft

CST Automatic Level Kit, CST, 1/16 in Accuracy, 300 ft, NO 5/8-11 Tripod Screw, Includes: Lens Cover, Plumb Bob, Adjustment Tools, Tripod, 8 ft Grade Rod and 3-In-1 Tri-Case, 24X Magnification

Your Price: $308.89
Irwin 213101 Hand Saw Irwin 213101 Hand Saw, 12 in L, 14 TPI

Irwin Hand Saw, Irwin, 12 in Blade Length, 14 TPI, Polymer Handle, For Carpentry Work, Cross Cutting and Ripping

Your Price: $24.17
Malco HC1 Hole Cutter Malco HC1 Hole Cutter, 2 - 12 in Dia X 20 ga Galvanized Steel T Cutting, Aluminum Frame

Malco Hole Cutter, Standard, Aluminum Frame, Malco, 2 - 12 in Cutting Diameter, 20 ga Galvanized Steel Cutting Thickness, Applicable Materials: Sheet Metal

Your Price: $79.66
Wiss WC5S 5-Blade Hand Crimper Wiss WC5S 5-Blade Hand Crimper, 1-1/4 in W X 1-1/4 in D Jaw, Cushion Grip

Wiss Hand Crimper, 5-Blade, Forged Steel, Wiss, 1-1/4 in Jaw Width, 1-1/4 in Jaw, Cushion Grip Handle, Gray Handle, 9-1/4 in Overall Length, For Joins Corrugated, 22 Gauge Round or Square Sheet Metal Pipes of the Same Size

Your Price: $32.50
Quick Grip 58100 Spring Clamp Quick Grip 58100 Spring Clamp, 1 in Opening

Quick Grip Spring Clamp, Quick Grip, 1 in Opening, Resin Body, Anti-Slip, Ergonomic Handle, 4-1/4 in Length

Your Price: $3.14
Vulcan 32891 Sledge Hammers Vulcan 32891 Sledge Hammer, 20 lb, 36 in OAL

Chamfered striking face.

Your Price: $100.62
HAMMER CROSS PEIN 3LB FNGL HDL Vulcan 33703 Cross Pein Hammer, 3 lb

Vulcan Cross Pein Hammer, 3 lb Head, Fiberglass Handle

Your Price: $30.22
Crescent AC26VS Adjustable Wrench Crescent AC26VS Adjustable Wrench, 15/16 in, 6 in OAL, Alloy Steel, Chrome Plated

Crescent Adjustable Wrench, Alloy Steel, Crescent, 15/16 in Wrench, 6 in Overall Length, Comfort Grip Handle, Chrome Plated

Your Price: $16.31
Stanley 84-055 2-Position Slip Joint Plier Stanley 84-055 2-Position Slip Joint Plier, 6 in OAL Adjustable Jaw, Comfort Grip

Stanley Slip Joint Plier, 2-Position, Adjustable Jaw, Comfort Grip Handle, 6 in Overall Length, ANSI Specified, For Grasping and Turning

Your Price: $6.82
Crescent FB7 Flat Pry Bar Crescent FB7 Flat Pry Bar, 3-1/4 in W x 7 in L, Forged Steel, Red

Crescent Pry Bar, Flat, Forged Steel, Crescent, 7 in Overall Length, 3-1/4 in Overall Width, Red Handle, ANSI, ASME Specified

Your Price: $9.66
Telescoping Mirror Titan Telescoping Inspection Mirror

  • Extends to 18-1/2", 1-1/8" diameter mirror
  • Handy pocket clip

Your Price: $2.89
3 pc socket adapter set Titan Tools 3pc Socket Adapter Set

3pc Socket Adapter Set

• Impact Grade
• Adapts sockets to power drills and drivers
• Includes: 1/4" Dr., 3/8" Dr, 1/2" Dr. adapters
• 1/4" Shank
• 2-3/4" Overall Length
• Detent ball for secure socket retention

Your Price: $4.99
4 pc Precision Pick Set 4 pc Precision Pick Set

  • Comfortable TPR sure-grip handles
  • Chrome plated shafts
  • Includes 4 picks: Curved, 90 degree, Offset and Straight
Manufacturer: Titan Tool

Your Price: $6.29
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