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DampRid FG01K Moisture Absorber DampRid FG01K Moisture Absorber, 10.5 oz Pail, White to Off-White, Solid

For bathrooms/laundry rooms, bedrooms, closets, cabinets, offices/supply closets, gym lockers, storage spaces and stored boats/RVs/classic cars. Removes excess moisture from air. Eliminates musty odors and reduce allergens caused by moisture. Prevents mold and mildew stains, protects against moisture damage and turns stagnant air into fresher, cleaner air. Can be refilled and reused time and again. For space that is 150 to 250 sq. ft.

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ABSORBING CONTAINER SYSTEM    Absorbing Container System - Case of 4

Designed for the home or office, creates healthier air. Eliminates musty odors caused by mold and mildew. The upper chamber features 360 degree venting to create superior airflow. Lid locks safely, wide sturdy base, spill-proof design to prevent leakage in the event the container accidentally tips over. Last up to 60 days depending on the temperature conditions. Environmentally safe, septic safe, will not harm houseplants or animals. Box of 4. Use (SKU 366.7185) for refills.

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Keep It Dry 59.6T Activated Non-Toxic Charcoal Deodorizer Keep It Dry 59.6T Activated Non-Toxic Charcoal Deodorizer, 8.46 oz

For closets or drawers. Non-toxic, powerful odor absorbing charcoal, neutralizes mold, mildew, tobacco, perspiration, and shoe odors. Fragrance free. Lasts up to 4 months.

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DampRid FG30K Moisture Absorber Refill DampRid FG30K Moisture Absorber Refill, 42 oz Pouch, White to Off-White, Solid

Removes excess moisture from air, prevents mildew, mold and musty odors. Economical alternative when air conditioners or dehumidifiers are not practical. Use in closets, basements, cabinets, bathrooms, linen closets, recreational vehicles and more. Refill for the 10.5 oz. and 18 oz. DampRid refillable moisture absorber containers or non-electric moisture absorbers. Provides four refills for  SKU 652.1173 10.5 oz tub.

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MOISTURE ABSORBER 64OZ        Moisture Absorber 64Oz - Case of 2

Hi-capacity moisture absorber can be used in moving vehicles or vessels, such as Rvs or boats, to eliminate musty odors and excess moisture stains and to protect from moisture damage. Sealed permanent safety cover is designed to keep children and pets out of container. Last for 60 days for 1,000 square feet area, up to six months for a 250 square feet space.

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ABSORBING REFILL PACK         Absorbing Refill Pack - Case of 6

Refill pack loads quickly and easily without handling the moisture absorbing chemical. For use with Sku# 740.0260. Each refill last up to 60 days depending on temperature conditions.

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Damp Rid FG91 Moisture Absorber Moisture Absorber 10.5oz - Case of 3

A convenient, sophisticated design with locking lid and anti-spill drain. Perfect for any room in your home such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, entry/mud rooms, offices, laundry rooms, and more. Features a 10.5 oz moisture absorber  with 360 degree venting, stable anti-tip base and ergonomic grip.

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