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Strait Line 66305SL Carpenter Pencil Irwin 66305SL Carpenter Pencil, Blue, 7 in L, Wood Barrel

Long-lasting pencils used by construction companies and those in the building trades. The flat design keeps the pencil from rolling or blowing away, while the double-sided lead is handy for marking measurements or taking notes; 7 in overall length.

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General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule General 300/1 Precision Measuring Ruler, SAE Graduation, Stainless Steel, 3-7/8 in W

Stainless steel with depth gauge pocket clip. 32nds and 64ths on one side, decimal equivalents on reverse. 15/32 in wide.

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Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape Crescent Lufkin Hi-Viz Series L610N Tape Measure, 10 ft L Blade, 1/2 in W Blade, Steel Blade, Plastic Case

The LUFKIN L600N Series tape measures feature a bright orange textured case for easier grip and increased user comfort. The blade has a matte finish which reduces glare which increases blade legibility. The blade is also nylon coated for an extended product life. The dual riveted end hook tips allow the user to mark measurements without the need for a writing utensil.

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Stanley 34-103 Measuring Tape Stanley 34-103 Measuring Tape, 50 ft L Blade, 3/8 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Yellow Case

High impact, high visibility, yellow ABS case houses thick, wide yellow blade coated with polymer for enhanced durability. Easy-to-read markings. Easy-wind drum ensures streamlined usage. End hook recoils neatly into contoured case.

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Lufkin Two Way Red End 966N Folding Rule RULE FOLDING 6FTX5/8IN 2WAY WD

For measuring left to right, right to left. Marked both sides. Graduated in feet, inches and 1/16ths on both sides and both edges. Flat inside markings lie close to the work.

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Electronic Digital Caliper with Fractional Display Electronic Digital Caliper with Fractional Display

• Electronic Digital caliper with Fractional Display
• Easy to read large LCD display of decimal inch, millimeter, and fractional increments
• Use for inside, outside, step, depth, and scribe measurements
• 0" to 6" measurement range (0mm to 150mm)
• zero positioning in all measuring types
Features automatic shut off to conserve battery life
• Fine adjust thumbwheel
• Lock knob
• Stainless steel components
• Protective storage case
• Includes 2 batteries

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CST 55-SLVP24ND Level Kit CST/Berger 55-SLVP24ND Automatic Leveling Kit, 300 ft Working

Features 8 ft telescoping sighting rod graduated in feet and inches, leveling accuracy is 1/16 in at 100 ft, working range with rod is 300 ft, all-weather, waterproof construction and top-mounted peep sight. Handles home building, roadwork, excavations and more. Includes one level, one aluminum tripod, one plumb bob, one wrench, one adjusting pin and one hard carrying case.

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