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Nyco NL220-G4 Cleaner and Degreaser BLAZE 8 HD DEGREASER 128OZ - Case of 4

Blaze 8 is a super powerful, fast-acting degreaser for the toughest cleaning jobs. This concentrated water-based degreaser is the industry standard for performance. Easily cuts through heavy buildups of dirt, oil, grease, grime, ink and food soils. Universal in application, Blaze 8 can be used for industrial cleaning, concrete and quarry tile floor scrubbing, food service or kitchen cleaning, duct cleaning, food processing, pressure washing, engine degreasing, parts washing, spray and wipe cleaning and more. Safe to use on metals, plastic, fiberglass and most painted surfaces. Inhibitors prevent flash rusting on cleaned metal surfaces.

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Nyco NL287-Q12S Degreaser HD-Force Spray&wipe Degr 32oz - Case of 12

HD-Force is a super-strength spray and wipe degreaser for tackling the toughest cleaning jobs. Ready to use convenience. It cuts through grease, oil, tar, ink, crayon, wax, silicone, resins, adhesives and burned-on carbonized soils. Penetrates and works quickly to remove heavy buildups. Excellent for use in manufacturing plants, kitchens, food processing or other areas where maximum strength cleaning is required. Ideal for cleaning grease from equipment, machinery and tools.

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Schaeffers specialized lubricants- Citrol Schaeffers specialized lubricants- Citrol

  • 16 oz Can
  • Smells like Oranges
  • Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe, Non Toxic, High Solvency
  • Removes Adhesives, Asphalt, Wax, Car and Engine Grease, Rubber Marks, Oil, Stickers, Soap Scum, Scuff Marks, Tape, Tree Sap, and Tar

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