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Whink 20223 Rustguard Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4OZ RUST GUARD TOILET TABLET - Case of 6

Stops rust with every flush. Prevents the formation of rust and hard water build-up in toilet bowls and reservoirs. Safe for pets.

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Fluidmaster 8102P8 Cleaning Refill Fluidmaster 8102P8 Toilet Bowl Cleaning Refill, Blue

This environmentally friendly product provides cleaning solution directly into the bowl without harming the toilet tank components. The Flush n'sparkle? refill pack includes two blue refill cartridges giving you a total of 6 months worth of hands-free cleaning.

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Fluidmaster 8100P8 Toilet Bowl Cleaning System Fluidmaster 8100P8 Toilet Bowl Cleaning System, Blue

Flush n'sparkle? puts a cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve, so no chemicals ever touch the flapper or fill valve. This prevents the damage that a drop-in tablet normally inflicts while keeping the bowl clean and sparkling. The 8100 kit contains a blue cleaning solution that lasts up to three months. Replacing the cleaning solution cartridge takes less than a minute.

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TOILET BOWL RING REMOVER      Pumie TBR-6D Toilet Bowl Ring Remover, Solid, Gray Porous

A professional janitorial aid for generations. Now with a convenient handle. No more gloves. A pumice rubbing stone that rids toilets of rust and lime build-up when chemicals quit. Won't harm porcelain bowls. Ready to use. Reusable. Shapes to curved or flat surface. Safe for hands. Safe around children and pets. Sold with home cleaning aids in participating food, drug, hardware, general merchandise and home centers.

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Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Drop-Ins 00191 Toilet Bowl Cleaner Scrubbing Bubbles DROP-INS 00191 Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 1.7 oz Pack, Solid, Blue

Scrubby has just the remedy for yucky toilet stains. Introducing Scrubbing Bubbles? DROP-INS?. Just drop a tablet into your tank to help keep your toilet bowl stain-free up to 4 weeks. With every flush, your toilet enjoys glorious relief from stains caused by hard water, minerals and limescale. That's continuous odor protection for a continuous clean. Quick and hassle-free. Stain and smell protection that drops right in. That's cleaning reinvented.

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Clorox 03191 Toilet Wand Kit Clorox 03191 Toilet Wand Kit - Case of 6

Cleans hard to reach places that traditional toilet brushes can't reach like under the rim. Includes 1 Toilet Wand handle and 6 disposable cleaning heads pre-loaded with Clorox Cleaner. Use refill, SKU #225.0918.

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