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Hitachi UC18YRL Battery Charger Metabo HPT UC18YRLM Battery Charger, 7.2 to 18 V Output, 45 min Charge, 3-Battery, Battery Included: Yes

Cooling fan to increase life. 45 mins maximum charge time. For use with all 7.2 to18 V post style cordless tools.

Your Price: $57.99
M12 48-59-2401 Battery Charger Milwaukee 48-59-2401 Battery Charger, 12 V Input, 120 V Output, 3 Ah, 30 min Charge, 1-Battery

Quickly charges all M12? batteries. Power up your M12? RED LITHIUM? and M12? Lithium-Ion batteries in less than an hour with the M12? Lithium-Ion charger. It communicates directly with the battery pack to manage charges and features an easy-to-load design. The charger's slim profile requires little bench-top room, while the pass-through plug conserves valuable outlet space. Monitor battery charges for all of your M12? cordless tools with the onboard indicator light.

Your Price: $62.99
M18 M12 48-59-1812 Multi-Voltage Battery Charger Milwaukee 48-59-1812 Multi-Voltage Charger, 12/18 V Input, 120 V Output, 3 Ah, 1 hr Charge, 1-Battery

M18? and M12? multi-voltage charger accepts all M18? and M12? batteries, so you'll always be prepared and productive, especially on jobs that require a mix of M12 and M18 Milwaukee? cordless power tools. This versatile unit charges batteries sequentially, reducing your time to manage charge cycles. The charger communicates directly with the battery pack to monitor cell voltage, temperature and charge status to ensure a full charge. Power up your Milwaukee? compact batteries in 30 mins and extended capacity batteries in 60 mins, without the need for extra chargers on the jobsite.

Your Price: $77.99
Senco VB0156 Battery Charger SENCO VB0156 Battery Charger, 18 V Output, 1.5 Ah, 15 to 20 min Charge, Battery Included: Yes

Battery charger can be used interchangeably with SENCO VB0155, VB0161 and VB0118 batteries. Quick charging system reaches 80% in just 15- 20 mins. Battery charge indicators display the charge status of your battery.

Your Price: $84.99
Dewalt DC9310 3-Stage Fast Battery Charger DeWALT DC9310 Fast Battery Charger, 7.2 to 18 V Input, 120 V Output, 2 Ah, 1 hr Charge, 3-Battery

DC9310 7.2 V to 18 V Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Lithium-Ion fast charger features the DeWALT? 3-stage charging system for maximum run-time, quick charging and a LED indicator to display charging status, when to replace battery pack and battery temperature.

Your Price: $94.99
Makita 193157-5 Rechargeable Battery Pack Makita 193157-5 Rechargeable Battery Pack, 12 V Battery, 2.6 Ah

The Makita 12 V 2.6 Ah Ni-MH battery pack produces up to 70% longer runtime than standard Ni-Cd batteries. These pod-style Ni-MH batteries are with literally no memory effect. The multi-contact terminals ensure a tight connection to the power tool, even under extreme vibration. Shock-absorbing construction protects battery cells against dust and vibration.

Your Price: $109.99
Dewalt DCB119 Vehicle Charger DeWALT DCB119 Vehicle Charger, 12 to 20 VDC Output, 1.3, 1.5, 3 Ah, 40 to 90 min Charge, Battery Included: No

The DCB119 12 to 20 V Max Lithium-Ion vehicle battery charger allows professionals to charge their battery on the way to the job to minimize down-time. Charges for less than an hour and automatically shuts off when charge is complete to protect vehicle battery.

Your Price: $119.99
Makita 193158-3 Rechargeable Battery Pack Makita 193158-3 Rechargeable Battery Pack, 14.4 V Battery, 2.6 Ah

Our 14.4 V nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery is a type of rechargeable battery similar to a nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery but without the expensive and environmentally-unfriendly metal cadmium. Features 2.6 Ah of power.

Your Price: $119.99
Makita DC18RC  Battery Chargers Makita DC18RC Battery Charger, 7.2 to 18 V Input, 1.5 to 5 Ah, 45 min Charge, Battery Included: No

The rapid optimum charger monitors battery and actively controls the current, voltage and temperature for faster charging and longer battery life.

Your Price: $119.99
Milwaukee 48-59-1806 M18 Battery Chargers Milwaukee 48-59-1806 Sequential Charger, 18 V Input, 30, 60 min Charge, Battery Included: No

M18? six pack sequential charger offers a compact design, integrated hang holes for vertical mounting and a pass through plug to conserve outlet space. The new unit will charge M18? compact batteries in 30 mins and extended capacity (XC) batteries in 60 mins. With this new six pack charger, users can reduce the amount of time spent changing out batteries, increasing productivity on the jobsite.

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