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Prime Line B541 Sliding Spring Tension Door Roller Assembly Prime-Line B 541 Spring Tension Roller Assembly, 1 in Dia Roller, 1/4 in W Roller, Polyethylene Roller, Concave Roller

This Arcadia style roller assembly was used by Arcadia doors as well as many other patio door manufacturers. This is also currently a very popular design amongst patio door manufacturers in today's market place. It has a wire tension spring and comes with a 1 in high density polyethylene roller and fits onto the B 569 corner insert. It is often used on the top as well as the bottom of the sliding screen door.

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Prime Line B537 Concave Edge Sliding Door Roller Assembly Prime-Line B 537 Roller Assembly, 1 in Dia Roller, 1/4 in W Roller, Steel Roller, Concave Roller, 1-1/2 in W, 2 in H

This top hung roller assembly is used on Fullview doors as well as other patio door manufacturer's doors. The bracket is a flat stamped steel bracket with slotted mounting holes that allow it to be adjusted o the correct height when re-installing the screen door onto the upper track. The roller is a 1 in steel ball bearing center grooved roller.

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ROLLER ACORN SCRN DR 11/32    Prime-Line B 693 Adjustable Tension Assembly, 15/16 in Dia Roller, 9/32 in W Roller, Polyethylene Roller, Concave Roller

This sliding screen door corner assembly is used on Acorn Industries doors and several other manufacturers. It is an all-in-one corner and roller combination. It is made of stamped steel with an adjustment screw and center grooved high density polyethylene roller attached at the end of the bottom leg. The roller is 15/16 in Dia. The corner fits into the sliding screen door frame holding the bottom or top rails and the side stiles together.

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