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Marshalltown Premier Line 846 Single Crows Foot Brush Marshalltown Premier Line Series 846 Crows Foot Brush

Made of 100% 4 in white Tampico hemp bristles set securely into a wooden base. Can be hand held or center-hole pole mounted.

Your Price: $10.99
Marshalltown Premier Line 844 Oblong Double Crows Foot Brush Marshalltown Premier Line Series 844 Crows Foot Brush

Made of white Tampico fibers set in clear lacquered hardwood block. Brush is double wide. Has a standard threaded hole in center for use with any standard broom handle.

Your Price: $18.99
Marshalltown 832 Molded Stippling Brush Marshalltown 832 Stippling Brush, 5 in Dia Brush, Horsehair/Polypropylene Trim

Bristles of gray horsehair and polypropylene. Block with molded hand grip. Slightly flared bristles. Threaded center hole, threaded side hole and tapered side hole. Applications: use for stippled, swirled or sponged effects with plaster or texture paints.

Your Price: $18.99
DQB 11740 Large Stippling Brush DQB 11740 Stippling Brush, 13.91 in L X 10.36 in W Brush, Horsehair/Poly Blend Trim, Hardwood Handle

For use with plaster or texture paints on ceilings and walls. For making stippled, swirled or sponged effects. Flared bristles provide a wide working surface. Trimmed to 3 in with black horsehair and polypropylene bristle blend staple-set in a 5-1/2 in hardwood block plus one threaded handle hole.

Your Price: $22.99
Marshalltown The Line 2161 Drywall Texturing Trowel Marshalltown The Premium Line Series 2161 Drywall Texturing Trowel, 5 in W Blade, 11-1/2 in L Blade, Plastic Blade

Unique composition blade material. Has the ability to retain its flat shape. Can be used for embedding the mesh in EIFS applications or texturing.

Your Price: $31.99
SprayMate HG692 Drywall Hopper Gun Marshalltown SprayMate Series HG692 Drywall Hopper Gun, 2 gal Hopper, Thermoplastic

Plastic hopper. Gun features a handy air control valve which allows flow control at the gun instead of at the pump. High impact, thermoplastic gun housing. All metal internal parts of exceptional quality. Nine orifice sizes that create the most popular texture patterns. Knurled knobs let you adjust the orifice plate without wrenches. Molded gun is expertly designed and precision fit.

Your Price: $99.99
SharpShooter 693 Drywall Hopper Gun Marshalltown SharpShooter Series 693 Drywall Hopper Gun, 2 gal Hopper, Steel

Plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun. Seven orifice sizes with tubular design for reduced overspray and greater texture variety. Tight sealing flow shutoff prevents leakage. Knurled knob allows for easy adjustment of orifice plate. Angled hopper allows user to spray ceilings and walls with hopper gun in upright position. Gun features a handy air control valve which allows flow control at the gun instead of at the pump. Easy pull swing trigger for greater control and less fatigue with adjustable trigger stop for more consistency in pattern. 45 deg angled hopper adapter included.

Your Price: $109.99