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Stanley 45-912 Carpenter Square STANLEY 45-912 Carpenter's Square, SAE Graduation, Steel

High-quality hardened steel for durability and long life. Embossed graduations for easy reading on face and back. 1/8 in graduations on face and back. Reverse reading scale makes measuring more efficient. Treated with a clear, protective finish that resists rust.

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Stanley 45-500 Carpenter Square STANLEY 45-500 Carpenter's Square, SAE Graduation, Steel

The steel carpenter's square is durable and accurate. Its made of high-quality hardened steel for long life. With embossed graduations, reverse reading scale and protective finish that protects against rusting, this tool allows for efficient measuring and marking.

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Empire 1110 Flat Tradesman Square Empire 1110 Framing Square, SAE Graduation, Steel

Permanently stamped numbers and 1/8 in graduations. Durable protective epoxy finish to prevent rust. Thickness of 1/16 in.

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Johnson CS2 Professional Framing Square Johnson CS2 Framing Square, Steel

Johnson's 16 x 24 in framing square is everything a builder needs to get the work done quickly, efficiently and accurately. It includes graduations in 1/8 in, 1/10 in, 1/12 in and 1/16 in as well as board foot tables and rafter tables, making it useful for any number of different jobs. And those graduations and tables are permanently stamped so you'll never worry about them fading or wearing. This framing square is constructed of steel with a urethane anti-rust coating that is made to last.

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Stanley 45-300 Carpenter Square STANLEY 45-300 Carpenter's Square, SAE Graduation, Aluminum

High-quality aluminum for maximum durability. Protective lacquered coating resists corrosion. Durable black embossed graduations and figures for easy reading. Provides helpful reference conversion tables such as new lumber scale, decimal equivalent table, metric conversion table, formula for squaring a foundation, 45, 60 and 30 deg angle markings, volume and area formulas, wood screw gauge table, nail sizes (common and finish), quantity per pound and depth scale.

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Stanley 45-910 Rafter Square STANLEY 45-910 Rafter/Roofing Square, SAE Graduation, Steel

High tempered aluminum for maximum durability with deep and long wearing 1/8 in graduations on face and back and a protective lacquered coating resists corrosion. Lumber scale, decimal equivalent table, metric conversion table, formula for squaring a foundation, 45, 60 deg, 30 and 176, angle markings, volume and area formulas, wood screw gauge table, nail sizes and depth scale. Tables and information imprinted on both sides of square.

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Johnson CS5 Professional Framing Square SQUARE RAFTER ALUM CLR 16X24IN

Aluminum construction with anodized finish will not rust or corrode. Permanently stamped numbers and graduations in 1/8", 1/10", 1/12" and 1/16"; octagon scales, rafter tables and board foot tables. Used in general carpentry and for laying out rafters and stair stringers. CS7 features laser etched EZ Read graduations and numbers on black anodized body.

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Empire 1190 Flat Professional Framing Square SQ FRMG PROF 16X24IN AL

Anodized aluminum construction will not rust. High visibility, deep stamped, long lasting graduations of 1/8", 1/10", 1/12", 1/16" and conversion tables; 1/8" thick.

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Stanley 45-011 Rafter Square STANLEY 45-011 Rafter Square, SAE Graduation, Aluminum

Extra thick aircraft-grade aluminum maximizes durability and maintains accurate square. Black finish is treated to resist corrosion. Embossed graduations are painted yellow for readability in all light conditions. Markings include brace measures, octagon scale, board measures and rafter table. Graduation (back) 1/16 in, 1/10 in, 1/12 in, (face) 1/16 in, 1/8 in.

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