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Pactool SS201 Corded Sheet Metal Shear Snapper Shear 200 Series SS201 Sheet Metal Shear, 4.8 A, 18 ga Cutting Capacity

The SNAPPER SHEAR SS201 sheet metal shear gives you durability and value in every cut. With a rugged 4.8 A motor, the SS201 handles mild steel sheet metal up to 18 ga with ease. So, if fast, smooth, clean cuts are what you are looking for, then the SNAPPER SHEAR SS201 does the job every time.

Your Price: $149.99
Pactool SS204 Corded Siding Shear Snapper Shear 200 Series SS204 Siding Shear, 4.8 A, 5/16 in Cutting Capacity

The SS204 SNAPPER SHEAR fiber-cement siding shear combines our famous precision-machine cutting head with a compact 3/8 in drive motor.

Your Price: $199.99
Dewalt DW890 Corded Swivel Head Shear DeWALT DW890 Swivel Head Shear, 5 A, 18 ga Mild Steel, 20 ga Stainless Steel Cutting Capacity, 0 to 2500 spm

The DW890 18 ga swivel head shear has a powerful 5 A all ball bearing motor with a 360 deg head swivel. User-friendly features include cutting with a clear line of sight and variable speed settings for cutting various materials and applications.

Your Price: $199.99
Milwaukee 6852-20 Corded Swivel Power Shear Milwaukee 6852-20 Power Shear, 6.8 A, 18 ga Cutting Capacity, 0 to 2500 spm, Trigger Switch Control

This new shear comes with a powerful 6.8 A Milwaukee? built motor. The ergonomic tactile grip is designed for more user comfort allowing you to make that straight cut when needed. The new lightweight, heavy-duty magnesium gear-case has been incorporated in the design for great balance. The variable speed trigger allows for smoother acceleration and performance when needed.

Your Price: $239.99
Pactool SS404 Corded Snapper Shear Snapper Shear 400 Series SS404 Siding Shear, 6.5 A, 5/16 in Cutting Capacity

Combining our patented precision engineered shear head with a powerful 6.5 A motor, the SNAPPER SHEAR SS404 effortlessly powers through fiber-cement siding for fast clean cuts with no airborne dust.

Your Price: $269.99