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Irwin 2014200 Standard Utility Saw Irwin 2014200 Utility Saw, 11-1/2 in L Blade, 10 TPI, Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle

Thick body (1 mm) blade. Aggressive 'Tri-Ground' teeth. Hardwood handle.

Your Price: $18.99
DeWalt DWHT20123 2-In-1 Folding Jab Saw DeWALT DWHT20123 Jab Saw, 5-1/4 in Jab, 4 in Rasp in L Blade, 8 TPI, Stainless Steel Blade, Ergonomic Handle

The folding Jab saw conveniently allows for both drywall cutting and plane cutting with one tool. Both the saw and the rasp fold into the handle for compact storage.

Your Price: $25.99
FatMax 20-092 3-In-1 Saw Set STANLEY 20-092 3-in-1 Saw Set, Ergonomic Handle, Plastic Handle

Handle is made with glass-filled, high-strength nylon to support six different blade positions. Turn knob lets user store all three blades, switch blades and tilt each blade. No tools required for blade change. Multiple-position handle allows access to tight corners. Includes three blades, 10 in universal blade cuts on the pull stroke, 8 in compass saw blade and 6 in metal cutting blade. Weighs 0.655 lb.

Your Price: $25.99
SharpTooth 20-221 Mini Utility Saw Stanley 20-221 Handsaw, 10 in L Blade, 11 TPI, Contour-Grip Handle, Wood Handle

The 10 in SharpTooth? fine finish mini hand saw is a multi-purpose utility saw ideal for cutting all wood types, plastic pipes and laminate. It is designed to stay sharp and cut fast on push and pull strokes. Made in the USA with global materials.

Your Price: $14.99
Savage SVK666 Folding Utility Jab Saw Swanson SAVAGE Series SVK666 Utility Jab Saw, 6.02 in L Blade, Comfort-Grip Handle

The SAVAGE? Folding jab saw/utility knife is a sophisticated tool that makes life on the job much more simple. Built with the accuracy, durability and innovation that SAVAGE is known for, this tool is built with a serious attention to detail. Quick and easy change of blades leads to the right tool for the job without going back to the tool box. That feature combined with the added utility knife makes this the ideal tool for the tool belt.

Your Price: $22.99
DeWalt DWHT20542 Multi Grip Saw DeWALT DWHT20542 Handsaw, 6 in Reciprocal, 12/10 in Hack in L Blade, 24 TPI, Steel Blade, Cushion-Grip Handle

The Multi-purpose saw can assist with a variety of applications. The saw works with most reciprocating saw and hacksaw blades.

Your Price: $14.99
ProTouch 2015100 Multi-Saw Irwin 2015100 Handsaw, 10 in Metal, 5-1/4 in Wood L Blade, 10 Wood, 24 Metal TPI, Ergonomic Handle

Extra thick blade is available in metal and wood. Ergonomic ProTouch handle provides comfort and control. Includes one 10 in, 24T metal blade and one 5 -1/4 in, 10T work blade.

Your Price: $16.99
FatMax 20-220 Multi-Saw STANLEY 20-220 Handsaw, 5 in Reciprocal, 10 in Hack L Blade, 10 Reciprocal, 24 Hack TPI, Cushion-Grip Handle

The multi-saw is compact and flexible. Its ergonomic handle is designed for comfort. With a durable tension nut for quick and easy blade changes, as well as, the ability to work with any standard reciprocal or hacksaw blade, this tool is ideal for sawing in confined spaces and is an indispensable tool for your tool box, shop cabinet or workbench.

Your Price: $14.99
Lenox 20997TFHS618636 Tri-Fold Saw Lenox Tri-Fold Series 20997TFHS618636 Folding Jab Saw, 6 in L Blade, 10 TPI, Die-Cast Aluminum Blade, Rubber Handle

Compact folding handsaw with replaceable blades. Push-button design locks blade into three different positions for multiple cutting applications. Uses any standard reciprocating saw blade, blades included are 635R and 636RP (plaster and general-purpose blades).

Your Price: $19.99