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North American Tool Speedway 8836 Tool Chest Speedway 8836 Tool Chest with Bonus Tool Set, 60 lb, 23-1/2 in OAW, 13.8 in OAH, 11.6 in OAD, Steel, Red, 3-Drawer

Solid steel, heavy-duty construction. Unit is equipped with 118 of the most commonly used tools and accessories in custom formed tool specific organizers for ultimate storage and quick access. Tool kit includes hex key wrenches, 12 oz claw hammer, 10 ft measuring tape, 6 in long nose pliers, 9 in torpedo level, twist drills, masonry bits, wood working drills, 8 in adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, magnetic bit holder, ratchet wrenches of size 1/4 in, 3/8 in and 1/2 in, 3/8 in spark plug sockets, two extension bars, drive sockets of size 1/4 in, 3/8 in and 1/2 in, screwdriver bits of size 25 mm and 50 mm, 18 mm zinc alloy knife, 10 in groove joint pliers and 6 in lock grip pliers. Ball bearings keep the drawers operating smoothly and minimizes wear and tear.

Your Price: $199.99
Black & Decker SortMaster Junior Tool Box Organizer Stanley STST14022 Tool Storage Organizer, 11-1/2 in W, 2.7 in H, 14-Drawer, Plastic, Black/Yellow

Secure your tools and supplies with the Stanley? SortMaster Junior. 8 removable dividers let you customize the box for small parts or large hand tools.

Your Price: $12.99
Black & Decker SortMaster Light Storage Organizers Stanley STST14021 Tool Storage Organizer, 8-1/2 in W, 2.9 in H, 10-Drawer, Plastic, Black/Clear Yellow

This storage unit uses locking latches to stack and transport up to three organizers at once. This organizer is highly customizable with its removable dividers allowing both small and larger tools to be neatly organized.

Your Price: $10.99
Black & Decker STST14027 Stackable Tool Box Organizer Stanley STST14027 Tool Organizer, 13 in W, 3.4 in H, 15-Compartment, 14-Drawer, Plastic, Black/Yellow

Stanley SortMaster Organizer is a single organizing unit that features new side latches locks which allow the user to securely stack multiple organizers together. This allows transport of two units at once. The SortMaster offers removable dividers that provide high customization for small parts and larger hand tools, which allows for up to 1024 different configurations.

Your Price: $17.99
Stanley Click 'n' Connect 2-in-1 Tool Box 12 in W x 19 in D x 6 in H Stanley Click 'n' Connect Series STST19900 Tool Box, 30 lb, Plastic, Black/Yellow, 2-Drawer

The Click 'n' Connect? 2-in-1 tool box is a customizable storage solution for homeowners and DIYers. This large toolbox has removable dividers that give you the ability to create the ideal organizer for your hand tools, power tools, nails, screws and more.

Your Price: $29.99
Tstak DWST17805 Adjustable Compartment Tool Box Organizer DeWALT DWST17805 Tool Organizer with Clear Lid, 17.16 in W, 5.65 in H, Plastic, Black

Keep your tools and supplies securely stored with this TSTAK? organizer with clear lid (DWST17805). Its removable compartments (2 large and 5 small) and see-through polycarbonate lid allow you to easily identify and access small parts, accessories and tools.

Your Price: $37.99